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Abductions/detainments are a difficult subject and one that I never planned on dealing with in this work. However, “The Team” and Dr. John Mack (from the other side of the veil) had a big surprise for me. The entire subject is far too big to deal with here. There are differing opinions among humans as to the purpose, intent and impact. I am not here to argue with others or to discredit them.

As humans, we are trying to understand a Universe/Multiverse that is so vast it is like trying to fill a thimble from the Pacific Ocean. We can’t possibly understand all the reasons of why and how. This subject continues to be explored from every level of human consciousness and science without a full or complete understanding.

I can only offer what I am told and what I have seen through the sessions. When you bring differing kinds and levels of consciousness together there is going to be confusion and fear. It is impossible for the human consciousness to understand the ocean with their mere thimble in hand.

For many years these experiences have been happening to humans without the majority of them understanding why. What is this process? How do they have the right to do this to me? There is a plethora of other questions while they experienced unexplainable dreams, nightmares and physical symptoms that screamed….victim and violation.

There are also the people who are not aware that they have had the experiences and yet suffer from symptoms consistent with and indicating that they may have been abducted or detained.

The Team lovingly developed a wonderful process for people who believe or suspect they have been abducted or detained. This process was designed to help them unwind the emotionally traumatic impact which allows them to function with greater understanding, ease and love.

Below are some questions and answers that may help you to evaluate whether you have experienced abduction/detainments in this lifetime and to understand that you are not a victim even though your conscious mind tells you that you are.

  • Your conscious mind translates these experiences quite different from the actual experience.
  • Regressive hypnotherapy only goes so deep which still allows you to feel fear and translate the experience from this fear space.
  • The majority of the abduction/detainment experiences are by agreement that was made prior to entering the earth plane.
  • Why would I agree to such an invasive experience? If prior to coming to the planet you understood that this was part of the evolution of the human race and expansion of the Universe/Multiverse you may have thought it was part of your contribution.
  • Are they creating hybrid children from these experiences with my eggs or sperm? Yes, but there is a much greater purpose. Perhaps they are seeding the Universe/Multiverse with human/ET seed as well as creating genetically altered versions.

    The Earth has been in a precarious situation for a long time with great concern over what humans were knowingly and unknowingly doing to destroy the planet. It would make sense that the preservation of the human seed would be important to the greater good. There are many other reasons that I have been given as well.
  • Perhaps creating hybrid races would help facilitate contact with a combined race that would be better able to withstand the contamination on earth and be a better bridge for contact.
  • Do I have hybrid children???? It is possible. I have been surprised at the number of people that do have hybrid children and when they are brought together by The Team it is a beautiful experience filled with love…not fear.
  • Some of the symptoms of possible detainment/abductions are recurring nightmares of being chased (usually by 3 beings of various or the same description ), fear/terror of the dark, fear/terror of the closet during the night, extreme fear of doctors and or dentists (we all have some of this), extreme claustrophobia, disturbed sleep patterns, unusual eating patterns, escapist activities of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, disturbed mental patterns including extreme ADD/ADHD and others, antisocial behavior in childhood (feeling different and or unexplainable shame), unexplainable anger at parents often caused by feeling unprotected and abandoned as a child because of these experiences.
  • What races have been performing the abduction/detainments? Primarily the Greys and the Reptilians.
  • Are all abduction/detainments friendly? This is a great question and one that will be debated for a long time to come. We recommend that you read Dolores Cannon’s books “The Custodians: Beyond Abduction” as well as “Convoluted Universe Books I, II, and III.” The information provided in her books through regressive hypnosis at the synambulistic (deep trance) state is wonderful and her books are imbued with activation of deeply held sub-conscious memories of many lifetimes and multi-dimensional experiences.

The Team does a session that lovingly unwinds and unweaves the emotional conflict and damage people can carry from these experiences and offers an opportunity to connect with your hybrid children if they exist.

I don’t totally understand how or why it works other than to tell you that the conscious mind stands down and allows the greater purpose of the experience while alleviating the trauma. It’s beautiful and simple.

I thank The Team for their assistance which dramatically improves our ability to move on with a greater sense of safety and unexplained understanding.

My children, grandchildren, great grandchild and I have all been abducted/detained and no longer have any sense of fear or trepidation.

The Grey’s are making contact with me at this time to ask for assistance in helping humans to understand and heal from the trauma of these experiences. It is now time for us to understand more about our universe. They are a potential future version of us from the future. They are trying to assist us and the earth from the trauma they have experienced as a result of some of their choices.

It is time for us to know more about our potential futures and what can be done now to change the negative futures through cooperation and forgiveness….not fear. We hold keys for each other.

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