Healing Session Questions

Your first healing session is unique from follow-up sessions. A session consists of several parts. There is the welcome by The Team, the reading of your intentions, the invocation which sets the tone and boundaries of the session. Your Soul, Higher Self and Over Soul are the Gatekeepers of the experience, which sets boundaries and parameters of who is allowed to participate in the session. During the channeling by The Team and discussion of your intentions and requests, the body is split into many bodies to allow them to do the work for which they have received permission from you and your Higher Self. You will experience this as your cells literally come apart and back together at the end of the session.

I will then come partially out of channel to scan the body with The Team. There are adjustments made to the organs (upgrading) and a diagnosis of some of the issues which are present. We will then run the biological and emotional screens as a series of questions are asked by me about your family health issues. This is only done during the first session

How do I receive a healing session?

Healing sessions are done over the phone. The number to call at your session time is 702-202-0149. The Extraterrestrials, Masters, Beings of Light, Angels, Fairies and Entities together with all equipment needed are able to translate into your space by placing a light grid over your bedroom.

How long is a session?

A session is 60 minutes long plus time for recuperation and The Team to continue the work after the session. In most cases this is another 30 to 45 minutes. You will receive an MP3 file of the session through your email within no more than 24 hours of the session. The recording is imbued with the energies of the session and may be listened to as often as you like.

How do they know what equipment to bring?

Once your name, phone number and physical address are entered into the appointment book, they will make a visit to determine what equipment will be needed for you.

Will I know if they visit me?

Some people are aware that they have made a visit either during the dream time or some people have a very real experience that there are other presences in their home. There is no intention on their part to create any fear. Actually they are very playful and some people have experienced the energy of a "party." You will receive a pre-session visit after you visit the web site and make the decision to have a session or after placing your call to make an appointment.
There is another visit prior to every session one or two nights before your session. Many people experience feeling off or tired the day of their session but feel greatly improved after their session and recuperation time.

What do I need to do before a session?

You will be asked to prepare a list of intentions. Your intentions can include anything from physical and emotional healing to changes and magic that you intend to create in your life. They will join you in your intentions in a co-creative way. They will not do it for you but will do it with you. The energy and intentions that you bring to the session will have a direct affect on what you experience. Remember, you will receive and experience what you really want not what you think you want so please be very clear and sit with your intentions before the session. This is a sacred experience. Please do not underestimate your power. However, please don’t ask to win the lottery. If that is part of your contract, you will win the lottery with or without us.

After over 8,000 sessions I can assure you that those that come to the session with their hearts and minds open and willing have better experiences than those that come with an attitude of disbelief. You are the one that gives permission and please remember they are aware of your thoughts.
We cannot override the belief that “nothing ever works for me” or the belief that you are a victim. These beliefs will impede the work greatly. You are awakening from a “dream.” How much of that dream you are willing to release is up to you and your Higher Self.

What will I personally experience during a session?

Unfortunately, there is no way to answer this question. Some people have very intense physical sensations and some may only feel mild tickles. This is not to say that they are not both having the same experience but they may feel it differently. What is clear at this point is that the experience exponentially changes with each session. Each session builds on every other session. Your results are in direct proportion to your ability to allow.

I have had people that felt nothing at all. I was initially frustrated by this. I’ve come to understand that we are all unique. Some people are able to feel subtle energies and others are not. It does not mean that you are behind or not an advanced soul.

Can they heal everything?

The answer to this question is multifold. Your Soul, Higher Self and Over Soul are the Gatekeepers of this experience. If they believe for any reason that you have not gotten the lesson or gifts from an experience they may not be willing to allow the healing at the time of the session. Some refer to this as Karma. I would rather say that all things can be changed when the purpose is understood and your own power is claimed. All healing is emotionally based. If your Higher Self, etc. feel that removing a physical symptom would be removing an opportunity for growth, they may wait until you have reached an understanding and emotional healing that supports your growth.

Example: A woman had been diagnosed with cancer. During our conversation we discussed that she could chose to experience only good from the Cancer regardless of what the consensus reality claimed. She worked on many personal issues over the ensuing weekend and then decided that she wanted to be an inspiration to the medical community in which she worked. We did a session after the weekend and the next day she engaged everyone in the hospital to participate in a holy and magical experience with her. The prognosis changed overnight and the cancer was gone. She took her power and chose the outcome.

What physical things can I ask to heal during a session?

Except for teeth, there is nothing that can't be worked on or healed. They have worked on heart problems, kidney and liver disease, prostrate problems, Parkinson's Disease, immune system, prolapsed colon, cancer, asthma, libido, hormonal balancing and replacement, cysts, digestive problems including acid reflux, neck, spine and knee problems, intestinal blockages and bulges, thyroid disease, issues related to muscle and skeletal systems, tumors, weight control, cold and flu, chronic fatigue syndrome, Epstein Barr Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, ADD, Bipolar Disease and depression.

There are no guarantees in this work. I have come to understand that we have contracts and agreements that we are not consciously aware of in this lifetime. They were agreed to prior to birth and sometimes amended along the way of our life. Your experiences affect everyone in your life. Cancer is one of those contracts whose impact is far reaching.

Stage four cancer patients are always advised that we will assist them in any way possible but we have not successfully reversed Stage 4 cancer at this time.

What about longevity? They say they want us to live to be 250 years of age. How can they accomplish that?

There are several things that they are currently doing that I can explain. First is that they work on the entire hormonal system during each session to bring it not only into balance but to take each person to a "set point" back in time. This can only be achieved through a series of sessions. I cannot tell anyone how many sessions because each person is different and all of the body systems, lifetimes and emotional damage must be brought along at the same time. If you are 70 years old and begin sessions you will probably not go to 30 years of age. Their technology is far beyond our understanding. Each person is totally unique in their physical and emotional make-up. Therefore, it is impossible to generalize for everyone.

I am 66 years of age but test out at 50 or below. The age regression has accelerated of late. In other words, we are regressing more rapidly now. One of the reasons that this work took off so quickly is that people were experiencing noticeable age reversal. Word spread quickly. This is not their sole focus. In other words, this is not about ego gratification of looking fabulous but it’s a wonderful side benefit. Heal your emotions and beliefs and your countenance will reflect the changes.

Every organ is upgraded during the first and subsequent sessions. There are many factors in aging that have to be addressed. These are emotional, lineage, imprints, religion, nationality, life experience and experiences occurring in other lifetimes as well. Power Retrievals and Soul Lifting’s are almost always recommended for clients to lessen the influence of these factors.

Hormones……please understand that The Team cannot follow you around 24/7. It’s impossible to maintain your hormonal balance. We had a lot of trial and error on this one. It will be up to you to seek professional assistance to establish natural hormone replacement therapy if suggested by The Team. It has been a long and sometimes frustrating experiment to see what we could do to balance hormones. Remember, we have emotional bodies that play havoc with our hormones.

What we have seen is that blood tests of those that we work with are showing very interesting changes. My own blood work continues to show a regression in age but it isn’t going to happen overnight. If you come to us at 70 years of age please don’t expect to wake up looking like a teenager.

Will I be able to see them?

Only if you are ready and it truly serves you! Even if you think that you are ready most are not. Some people have seen them and most have only sensed them. Some have had phone calls on their cell phones and many other playful manifestations and signs. They will make themselves known to you in one way or another but they will never do anything to frighten you.
If you need to see them….they cannot make themselves visible. It is only when you come to understand that you are part of them and they are part of you and no longer give your power to them can they play more directly with you. Remember…they are here to help empower you….they don’t want your power.

I've been abducted and I was terrified. Why is this different?

The Beings that are involved in this program are not about abductions or frightening experiences. They will place a sign or geometric symbol in your auric field to notify other races that you are under the care of The Team. No further abductions should occur except for those people that have hybrid children and have agreed to continue to connect with these hybrid children so they receive human contact and bonding.

The Team does a beautiful session on abductions that seems to heal these experiences in ways that even I don’t fully understand but the trauma is released over a 2 month period and peace is restored to the emotional and physical bodies. I am forever grateful to them for this wonderful and empowering process. (see Abductions/Detainments)

Can you remove implants from other races?

This is a difficult question. There is a policy of non-interference and protocol among extraterrestrials I’ve received permission to remove some implants when it is believed that the implant was placed in the individual to interfere with their growth and progress in this lifetime. Some implants I’ve not received permission to remove because they were placed by agreement from the person prior to entering the lifetime.

What follow-up work do they recommend?

Power Retrievals are almost always recommended and considered to be necessary for you to clear collective nationality, religion, emotional imprints and lineage.

As a race, humans come onto the planet with a sense of separation from Source (God/Goddess/All That Is). Because we are unique in this experience we enter physical life with a sense of abandonment and sorrow that nothing seems to ever really fill.

We therefore project God onto daddy and Goddess onto mommy……in our need to feel connected. These projections set us up for a lifetime of further projections onto boyfriends/ husbands and girlfriends/wives, institutions, doctors, governments, guru’s, teachers, money etc.

Our core relationship with parents set us up for our entire life experience and can interfere with our relationship to power, love, money, health and a myriad of other things.

The Team will always recommend a Power Retrieval with Mom and Dad….. With Mom….the lineage aspect is very strong because of the way that you are seeded in the womb and the emotional imprints from mom, grandma, great grandma, etc.

Dad is different in that you have to earn the love of dad/god. There are lineage and emotional imprints from dad as well.

These aspects are the glue of the collective consciousness. Once you have taken your power back from your parents and lineage….your ability to receive and give love and experience the life of your dreams is amplified exponentially.

Soul Lifting is different in that you are working on all lifetimes experienced on all levels and dimensions. This work is done in the chakra’s and is so powerful. This is healing at the deepest level but requires that you clear mom and dad first.

There is no end to the work you can do with The Team. It is really up to you. We don’t put limits or requirements on anyone. You are welcome to experience as much or as little as you feel is necessary.
Radio shows are broadcast every Thursday evening at 8:00 PM PST at www.bbsradio.com They are free and the healing energy comes right through your computer into your home.

There are approximately 150 shows in the archives at www.bbsradio.com which you can access by paying a fee directly to BBS Radio. The healing energy is available during the archived shows as well.

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