Intensives / Conferences & Testimonials

The Intensives are so close to my heart. This work defies description. How do you describe in the physical dimension that which is multidimensional?

First, there is the music which is amazing. The Team guides me through over 1,000 pieces of music from so many sources to come up with a beautiful blend of music which has a vibration that is imbued with each experience of the intensive.

The process is exciting and energizing. The end result continues to exceed my highest expectations.
We are able to ride the wave of the music through various meditations that allow for expansion and exploration into the realms that The Team has chosen as the theme for the 2 days that we experience together.

In 2010 there were two intensives. In March of 2010 there was intensive which focused on helping to unhook the collective from deep disappointment, anger, grief and shame associated with events in our planetary history which are imprinted into the collective consciousness because of their huge impact throughout time. The destructions of Atlantis, the beginning of a new life (for the survivors) in Egypt with great sorrow still being experienced from the Atlantean destructions and then the experience of the life and crucifixion of Christ (Jesuha). Although they seem unrelated, they have been responsible for much of the shame and guilt on the planet as well as rage and prejudice.

In October of 2010 we were called to open a Stargate that would allow humanity to reach all races without having to go through the astral realms….more direct contact. But….we had to gain permission to open a Stargate of this magnitude. It was an experience that can only be described by each person’s posts. In reading them I hope that you are able to feel the magnitude of this experience.

Each Intensive has a unique theme as chosen by The Team with a much greater significance than any of us understand or realize prior to the experience. The significance begins to build prior to, during and after the intensive.

I hope that you are able to glean the significance of these experiences through the testimonials. They are beautiful and transformative.

I am honored to be able to bring through the energies of The Team and what some would consider “others” during the intensive but each person experiences individually prior to and after the intensive their own unique awakenings and experiences. Integration time for each intensive seems to go on and on and the Intensives seem to be cumulative…building upon one another.

As we come together for these there is a love that flows between all attendees that is palpable. We know that we are connected at a much higher level and through other lifetimes and agreements. The feeling of being “home” is present through the entire 2 days. Then….comes the period of integration after the intensive that is beyond description. As you read the testimonials and posts you will gain a greater understanding of the significance and determine if you are called to attend a future event.

March 2010 Intensive Testimonials

To My Friends of the Fierce Starbeings Federation,
I think how quite appropriately The Team used the word ‘fierce’; as in this instance it describes a fervid, glowing and burning emotional intensity. And we were at that an Intensive. Very fitting I believe.
Intensely, we all were drawn to be present with Jackie, The Team and many beings of light on this very weekend as deep within our souls we all knew this was not to be missed…The Piper was calling…I responded, as did you. And for this I am truly grateful. For to meet all those who are working with dear Jackie and The Team to awaken and heal themselves; the souls who tune in every Thursday evening to glean a bit more information by listening to Veronica and Jackie bring forth new messages that The Team then downloads within us, was like being on a “Stairway to Heaven”. Our very own “Intensive” enlightenment.
And it's whispered that soon if we all call the tune,
Then the piper will lead us to reason.
And a new day will dawn for those who stand long,
And the forests will echo with laughter.
Intense is my word description for all I have experienced since the 12 of us sipped wine and broke pretzels together last Sunday evening. After Ricky dropped me at the Bellagio that night, I floated dreamily to my room where I remained in the precious ‘void’, the absolute delicious trance of two miraculous days spent becoming reacquainted with the souls who have been with me all along….a homecoming of sorts and with vibrant faces now for me to see, auras to sense and human-like bodies to hug and to touch. An ‘aliveness’ like no other I have felt since arriving on Earth several decades ago.
I know we all witnessed the miracle of Jackie becoming one with the Christ Consciousness; those glorious, glowing, intense, yet loving blue eyes. Those eyes that had a sincere yet serious message for us all. That moment still brings tears to my eyes as I finally ‘remembered’. This was a bittersweet moment for me and I knew deep within my soul that the Intensive was for all of us to ‘remember’ why we are here, why we all came together this very weekend and to perhaps remember we promised to awaken and resurrect the Christ Consciousness seeds planted so many Earth years ago. Oh sure, I have thought that many times before, but perhaps felt the task daunting or I felt alone on this mission. Well, thanks to all of you and those blue eyes I feel alone no more! I feel alive, born again if you will. (Although the first time I was born wasn’t that pleasant so why would I wan to do this again? Ha!) Yes, this time it was enjoyable, agreeable and most importantly memorable; the seeds of my soul essence reawakened and renewed.

For this I thank all of you dear ones for witnessing my transformation….my transcendence. I see you and I love you all….truly.
The Fiercely Transcended SR

And as we wind on down the road,
Our shadows taller than our soul,
There walks a lady we all know, (Jackie Salvitti)
Who shines white light and wants to show,
How everything still turns to gold.
And if you listen very hard,
The tune will come to you at last.
When all are one and one is all,
To be a rock and not to roll.
Led Zeppelin ~ Stairway to Heaven


I know that I am still processing the events of the past weekend. It was beyond what language can convey.

The love and connection which flowed between those of us who attended was overwhelming… not to mention the higher energies and love that continually built during the two days of the intensive.

We experienced a very deep healing and the lifting of so much ancient and cumulatively held ‘pain, rage, guilt and loss.

Jackie was unbelievable as she channeled the ’Team’ who took us to Atlantis and it’s destruction, to Egypt and the final days of Jeshua (Jesus Christ).

The ultimate was an actual channeling of Jesus who wanted to touch each of us, to Mary and finally contact with the ‘Team‘……WOW!

Thank you Jackie and All.
Much love,

Dear Jackie,
My experience with your intensive, which was my first,was amazing,there is really no words to describe my experience,I saw who i was and i finally have at least for me in my life,the truth that fit that peace of the puzzle with how i believe in a way that people call religion,I connected to that truth and the feeling of not being wanted anywhere,also for the first time i feel wanted and not alone,the most heart breaking for me was Atlantis (and i have not had time to really inter grate it)but it really was really power full for me,also the time of the Crucifixion,how i saw and felt me in that experience i will always have that with me and how much Jesus loved us all and i don't remember much i just now its all programed in my heart.for me feeling whole with my feminine and masculine,was very important for me and to feel both together again,at that moment i felt for the first time,safe and at peace,don't ask me why,i hope that feeling will always stay with me.
But it was very interesting how when i was taking my flight out back to NYC,in the terminal area were i was there alot and i mean alot of histack Jewish and Orthodox Jewish people in the airport and i live in NYC and i have never seen that many in a small area especially in La's Vegas,i started to laugh,i just could not believe my eyes,what was even funnier was the guy next to me,he said boy the Jewish people are coming to buy La's Vegas,it was funnie.Also i had a cab driver who was a Muslim and i have had before all types of drivers,but something about this driver was different,he was soo nice to me and i told him why i was in Vegas,he found it interesting.
anyways I cant wait until the next one,but I just want to bless jackie,for her beauty and gifts,I love her soo much and she has changed my life even with just the sessions.
we as humans need to realize when a gift from God comes to help us and we need to appreciate her as a gift from God,to help us heal and have a great life and to make a difference for others.whats amazing my home does feel different and i had to throw out some close,which was soo funnie.
I love you jackie and thank you (there are no words to put how special you are to me and i now others)

Hi Everyone,

I hope all is well with you! In response to Squirrel, yes I have noticed ships around my house along with energy shifts in my home. The team has also been giving me signs that they are here which is really cool. In the past I never noticed these things but since the intensive my intuition has been much sharper all together.

I also wanted to share with you my experience yesterday when I went to see Sekhmet. On the drive there I could see the ships in the sky and one in particular was really cool. It was like a finger pointing in the direction that I should go leading me to the temple. After spending some time with Sekhmet and burning my intentions, I was walking around and then started to go to my car to leave. I unlocked my car doors and when I got to my car the doors locked on their own as soon as I arrived to my car! So of course I did not leave. :) I ended up going back to sit with Sekhmet for a little bit longer! She is so powerful and it was such a great experience to be with her again!

Squirrel, I love the daily thoughts so please keep me on the list!

Love and Light,

Hi Everyone,

Thank you Thank you Thank you dear Jackie for your love, courage to gather us all, bring your wisdom and heart to set the scene for these channelings.

How wonderful that experience was, transporting us all, as The Team said on air last night, in "real time" to those stunning "seeding" times in history.
Memories from Atlantis, Egypt and our time with Jesus that once tied the knots of limiting traumas - seem to be unravelling. I feel freer, like a flag flying

Since we got home, after an extra 2 days in Seattle, in my reveries I re-experience the energies in that room. Wow! Every time the TEAM began to talk, energies would ramp up. We almost looked windblown! NO wonder the electronics couldn't be tamed. The channeling of Jesus' love, frequencies and His eyes as he "saw" each of us through you Jackie is still a wonder to me, - a wonderful wonder! - unlacing so many of my inner defenses
And the talk from Mary and the other goddess presences. I loved that in the softness of the vibrational sea of loving nurturing energy "she" spoke of the fierceness of the feminine. I am happy that somewhere there are recordings of the actual words! I am just reliving the feelings so like a bath. And to receive a physical hug from the TEAM....a true heart imprint.

And I know I am changed. Over and over I find myself discovering irrelevencies of aspects of my life, people or plans, fears,
anxieties and goals...and simultaneously amongst the spring time blossoms here in the northwest, new goals and a kind of gentle fierceness about stepping forward. My own work is much more dramatic & empowering to clients and the love is tremendous.

What a great group of emissaries we all are with our loving and gentle presences. (Let's not forget fierce!) I look forward to continual connection as our seeds sprout.

Thank you Jackie and the TEAM

Love and blessings

Dear Friends and Spiritual Adept Ones,
I am writing to thank, acknowledge and to praise the wonderful channel of our recent intensive Ms. Jackie Salvitti. The amazing experiences which we all experienced during our time together were a direct result not only of her great capacity to channel the team, but also a result of her great determination, courage and belief in that very team. We are the privileged beneficiaries of her tremendous will to bring their message to us, and thus to our planet as a whole. Were it not for tremendous voyeurs such as Jackie our world might as a whole be a quite void and absent. I must therefore commend her on her extraordinary will, belief, sacrifice, and work to bring us the very revelations which we were all recipients of only moments ago. That love and blessings were ours as a result directly thereof.
In short, I thank and love Jackie, our dear friend and messenger……. I appreciate the extraordinary efforts, and sacrifices which she has made over and over again on our behalf. I urge all of you to display respect and reverence for her courage to bring and give this message to us all. And hope that you each will bring forth this wisdom and love to each of those who you touch.
Namaste, and love to you all.

Hello everyone. I was listening to Veronica, Jackie and team tonight on the radio show about the intensive. I was chuckling about their dialogue ...trying to put some words to last weekend. It really was beyond description. Charlotte and I have talked over and over pieces of the weekend and how to put it in perspective. It is like nailing the cream pie to the wall. I feel very blessed to have experienced the weekend with all of you. My intention is to stay connected and email all of you. I am not very good at the facebook stuff but I want to thank Michael and Natalia for asking to be my friend and of course I will click on the accept when I get on there. I would love to hear any insights you all have after you bring all the pieces together and Mars gets out of retrograde so it can be articulated.
Love and Light,

I would like to add my "ditto" to Jennifer's dialogue. She articulates so much better than me. It was amazing to see so many different people with different energy and personalties blend so well into ONE. Thank You Jackie, Thank You Team and Thank You to each and everyone that showed up and shared your experiences and your energy with each other.
Many Blessings

Enid, Oklahoma

Here's to Jackie........... Who has so touched and blessed all of our lives.....

Dear Hearts,

It has been so wonderful to connect with you all. I wanted to briefly share a with you a part of my long drive back home on Monday morning. My drive was 8 hours but I enjoyed every minute of my long road trip. I had time to reflect, feel and integrate more of the weekend and revelations to my being. WOW... I really don't have the words and know you all must be feeling similar.
As I am lost in my thoughts and traveling through the Ca countryside where all the hills are emerald green from all the rain and miles of blooming apple trees which are magnificent I see this small wooden sign amongst the apple trees (with no other signs or buildings in site) that says "Trust Jesus" written in red lettering!
You can imagine the smile on my face and in my heart when I saw and read that sign! I knew that I had to share with you all.
Did anyone else encounter any thing similar on your way home or since the weekend. ? If you have please do share.
I would like very much for all of us to stay connected and share what we can until we come together again.
Love and Light always

Hi Everyone,

Wendy, that is so cool! My experience since the weekend has been that I now have a deep sense of knowing who I truly am. It's been much easier to approach each day and life situation for me and now I'm looking forward to seeing what comes before me and where/how/what I'm to do in the future!

I love you all!

To put it simply, Jackie is a life blessing. Her presence and healing sessions have given me great clarity and a sense of calm and purpose. The two day intensive was life altering. It was a journey of a lifetime. I look at each and every moment full of hope and promise. I feel a deep commitment to fulfilling my destiny and never ever feel far from the unconditional love of Jackie and the team. I see myself with new eyes and my heart is full of appreciation, joy and love. How do you ever properly thank Jackie for that?


October 2010 Intensive Testimonials

Dear Jackie and Team,
I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for the amazing work that was put into the intensive last weekend. All I can say is WOW! If medals could be handed out....all of your's would be pure Gold! The work that was done on all levels was so powerful and truly amazing. Thank You all so much!

I worked in my garden, 3 days straight from the time I got home. I was super energized. I know that really helped me become grounded. I didn't want to touch anything electronic since our computer crashed after the last intensive. I'm good to go now.

I want to tell some of my major experiences. Some of these may be on the recording but I was so buzzed that I can't remember what I said.

1. My experience in meeting with the Draconians and Reptilians:
Intense!!! I was so glad to have experienced the dark energy and my participation in the original argument in not wanting to allow them to earth during two previous sessions with you. This strengthened my resolve to stand strong. When they appeared, tall, strong, menacing, without light and bent on destruction, I was intent on standing strong in the light no matter what. The group as a whole seemed strong with the power in numbers. When we were told to get in touch with our shadow issues and release them. I saw my dark shadow issues float up and out my crown chakra. After this happened, a white dove flew up from my heart chakra and up and out my crown chakra. The dove held my shadow above me. At that instant, I turned to light. The Draconians and reptilians could not look at me. They leaned away as they could not handle the light, almost in retreat. When we were told to allow our shadow to merge with us. The Dove released the shadow from above my head and it merged with me. At that moment the Draconians looked at me and could see me in a whole new way. We felt mutual compassion and that turned to love. Truly an amazing and transforming experience for all of us.

2. My trip to Sirius:
When we arrived there, I was greeted by throngs of people and the children were running all around me. They all knew me! Then all of a sudden, my female part on Sirius was directly in front of me. I knew her instantly! She took me to the temple. In my earth memory I have never seen or felt such a beautiful place. The temple had beautiful turquoise blue pools with dolphins leaping for joy. Crystals were every where, in all colors. She took me up to a huge spiraling crystal that appeared many stories tall. She then placed my hand on the crystal. In that moment, I had this overwhelming memory of my life in Atlantis and connection with the Goddess crystal.
I know I have always been connected to her.

3. Meeting with the Central Council:
This meeting was very humbling and intimidating. The size of the table that stretched on and on. The numbers and kinds of beings that were present. They were all present to hear us out and make a decision... humbling indeed! Team, you did such a wonderful job at keeping us on track.
When the hologram of the leader appeared, I was really wondering if we were actually going to pull this off. There was such a seriousness and challenge presented to us to state our cause.
For me the big moment came when he said: What Is Your Dream? In this moment, I saw the group of us turn into a huge beautiful pink ball of love. We were projecting our love for the earth and it's people with all the determination we could. It was such a relief when he granted permission.

4. Opening to Love:
In the meditation when we opened our heart chakra my experience was extraordinary.
I first saw the most beautiful multi-colored butterflies flying out of my heart chakra. Then my heart chakra began to open. It began as a beautiful lotus flower with fine crystalline petals. The outside was of white crystal petals, then opening to show golden petals and then to beautiful pink. As I sat up after the meditation,my body was covered with the beautiful multi-colored butterflies.
On my flight home, the next day:
I was thinking about all that had happened during the intensive. My thoughts went to Sirius and my connection to the crystals. I realized that I have blocked my connection to crystals. From the day before, I knew my connection to Sirius and the Atlantean crystals....I felt deep sorrow for the connection that I had lost. I realized that I had still been holding guilt for the loss of Atlantis. I could now let it go....there wasn't anything that I could have done. This was a part of my shadow that had been buried deep.
I focused on my heart chakra: It was beautiful, just like I had seen it in the meditation the day before. Then, I watched as it began to open further to reveal beautiful greenish blue crystals in the center of the pink cosmic heart center. I was filled with love and joy. The tears rolled down my cheeks.

5. Stargate Opening:
I can't even begin to put into words what I experienced. It's like trying to describe watching fireworks on the 4th of July and putting it into words. I was totally in awe by all the people( my grandparents), animals( my cats that have passed on), fairies, etc. There were so many beings from both sides of the veil that participated in the opening. It will be so exciting to see the outcome from this big opening.

Again, thank you Jackie and Team.....and thank you to all who to participated. We did wonderful work on 10-10-10!
Hugs! I love you all!
Love and Light

Dear Squirrel and Fellow Contributors to the Stargate Opening (I'm afraid I'm probably missing those who attended for the first time),

Firstly, let me start by saying, I too am overwhelmed with gratitude to Jackie, The Team and all of you for the support I feel as a part of the collective consciousness in human form. Squirrel, to your question: I must say, I'm still not entirely sure I know what a Stargate is! My understanding is it's a two way portal with emphasis on the access to earth from other dimensions. Our multi-dimensional friends can now come and go more freely to visit and develop relationships with those of us who desire it. I trust that this portal reaches are homes because we are open to it. I will now recognize my home as my own ‘personal Stargate’. I love the idea of that and I really want to traffic in these new relationships! Whatever a Stargate is, the experience opening it was a really beautiful one. I'm thrilled to have been a part of it with all of you!!

Secondly, special thanks for sharing your post-intensive experience Squirrel. I find it so helpful hearing from others, it assuages my FOMO (fear of missing out:>). I was so wiped out on Monday following the intensive that no sooner had I sent the kids off to school I was back in my bed. Not only was I exhausted but I was absolutely riddled with anxiety. I had fear oozing out of every pore. My heart was pounding with nervous energy and fear of letting people down. It was a psychological/emotional detox of sorts I realize now. An energetic purge of shadow. But at the time I thought, shouldn't I be flying on an energy high like I sailed on the music during the intensive? Shouldn't I be out sharing all this amazing energy with the world? What is wrong with me??!!

Tuesday I was out of bed and in my office at the computer ready and rarin' to go. However, my star family and friends had other ideas for me, and as they often do these days, they just took my home network down. No, I was not meant to be multi-tasking in technology. OK, I got it. I laughed as I found my breath and went into the Chakra Activation meditation. There I found the source and purpose for the anxieties I had been experiencing for the last 24 hours. I realized I had to address the anxieties with the love and understanding I felt facing my shadow. I also came to terms with some old habits I haven't been open to letting go of until now. I felt a tectonic shift to a willingness to let go. The how will now sort itself out I trust.

Since Tuesday, I've had some really lovely dreams and seen the face of a familiar ET friend -- the beautiful Nefertiti looking being. Interestingly, my son Elliot, has been like an energy conductor (maybe because he helped me plant all the crystals?) I touched my temple to his yesterday morning and got the most beautiful surge of energy from our temples through my body, like a ray of light energy. Then my husband, David, took Elliot's hand last evening and said to me: wow -- I just got a bolt of energy from Elliot! Hmmm....( ;

If anyone else has a story to share of their Post Intensive experience, I'd love to hear it. It doesn't have to be anything much, it's just nice to connect with you all!

Much love,
San Francisco

PS: That Sighting over the GG Bridge -- I didn't see it but the video gave me chills -- oh the beauty!

Good morning Jackie,

Hope you are feeling more comfortable. There is a part of me that
wants to cry, but not for sorrow, for relief. I have a feeling
that I have become much more expansive, that my "space" I am living
in is vastly different, and I am learning to adjust to that "space".

Haley called me on my drive home Monday, urgently telling me that
she needed to talk to me. That "home" was different. She had just
got back from Lake Mohave and she was concerned about what she was
seeing, and if she was going to be alright. There were bright
blue lights everywhere in the house and the light from her finger
tips had grown very long. She said, " everything in the house was
a sharp bright blue light, and that the field of energy had
changed." The colors would change when she blinked, but everything
was in the shades of blue and purple. I thought at first she meant
that there were orbs or geometrical shapes floating around, however
after listening further to what she saw was the outline of
"everything", in the house. Couches, chairs, picture frames etc,
were sharply intensified and their energy field had expanded. I
told her not to worry, that this was quite wonderful and exciting,
and I had so much to share with her when I got home. Both Greg
and Haley planted their own crystals in their special places for
the opening of the Star gate. When I got home both of them where
so excited and immediately began to ask questions. I shared for
about 2 minutes, and they both became irritated and angry that they
where not there at the intensive, blaming their dad. I reminded
them that the planting of the crystals for the opening of the Star
Gate and the joining would stay with them for ever. With that said
a calm came over them.


Last night I had another vivid dream, what a surprise! The dream
was more intense in the colors than I used to dream in. The
symbolic meaning for me was an important one. I will keep it short
for this sharing as there were a lot of details and I could write
well over a page. To me the key points were as follows:

One: The dream was more intense and vivid in color than I have
ever remembered.

Two: The surroundings were off planet and again brilliant in
color. I was standing face to face, heart to heart with my husband
in this life experience. We stood alone in the evening light and I
looked up into his eyes. There was a gentle glow of light across
his face and saw that one eye was human looking with a round dark
pupil and the other eye had a veritcal dark slit for a pupil. Both
eyes were a soft brown carmel like color. I felt at peace with him
and loved both sides of what I saw in his eyes, the human and the
reptilian. The resistance I had was gone, the inner fight was
gone, and what was left was the love I felt him, just the way he
was! Strong, gentle, at peace with each other, standing in the
soft evening light.

Three: The dream flowed into me standing in a house that I had
lived in and was broken apart. The area where the bedrooms were
completely moved and separated from the rest of the house. It had
moved further away into a different piece of land. The colors on
the ground were bright orange and I could walk around if I chose
to, but I stood there for a moment looking around at the new
surroundings, to decide what I would do with this new space. No
one was hurt in this "coming apart". I looked back to the rest of
the house with others standing around the very large and beautiful
kitchen area. I was told in my mind that it was built to come
apart like this so that when the one side stretched away into open
territory it would not lift the rest of the house with it and
topple over the entire house. Everything was okay and there would
decisions to be made on how to proceed. I took a few steps on the
new ground and the dream moved again to.............

Four: I was standing with my husband more human this time. The
colors were even brighter than before. Like looking at chroma
colors everywhere. No movie has made anything like this and so
rich and bright in color. There was much going on, but the part I
will share is what was most disturbing to me and probably telling.
There I was standing with my husband and a very colorful space ship
flew to me and hovered around. I looked at him and there was no
change in his expression. The craft then flew up to the stars and
connected to many other planets, leaving a light drawn on the night
sky of a grid to all the planets it flew to, and there were many!
I looked around again as other people were moving around and asked
my husband, "do you see them"? He of course said "no" and I felt
my human psyche feeling like it might go crazy. Had I gone to
far? Was I going to be able to adjust to the shift? It was being
pushed and stretched and changed and it was huge and vast such an
incredible change of opening, and again I could feel the human
psyche trying to adjust to the expansion. I looked around into
the night sky. I just needed a little time to adjust, this was not
a little change. To me it was the difference of being aware of a
world and then being aware of an universe. So much to absorb! I
was adjusting to an enormous transformation, a new way of being!
Everything would be alright and I was adjusting as gracefully as I
could. Wide eyed, to the new world I was in! Nothing will ever be
the same again, nothing is the same!

Today I am grateful and still adjusting:)., I love the colors, the
brightness and how quickly information is already coming to me. I
am not ready to be around a lot of people yet for long periods of
time. I am absorbing what has happened. I feel a little like
what I think Jake in Avatar felt like when he woke up into a new
body and saw the world from new eyes. At first he stumbled a bit
before he ran:)

Love you!

PS. My cable/ internet blew out today, along with my neighbors.
The man that was fixing the distribution amplifier said the source
of power blew it out and he had to find the power source again to
reconnect it. This is located about 15 feet from one of the
crystals. oops.....

Hi Everyone,
I want to share my Post-Intensive experiences with you; up until today that is….I am certain there are more energy changes yet to come! But before that, I want to say how grateful I am to have all of you in my life. Seeing and being with all of you again was the type of joy that brings one to tears. A very heartfelt emotion for me. You are all such special and beautiful souls.
I traveled most Tuesday and spent a good bit of time in airports; Las Vegas and then Denver. I felt people drawn to me or staring at me. I was beginning to feel self-conscious and wondered if someone could actually see food stuck in my braces from that amount of distance. “Stop smiling”, I thought….nothing changed however. Still I was approached or asked a question by various soul encounters. Magnetism of some sort, perhaps?
I arrived back to Jackson Hole that night. I admit I was tired, but traveling can be like that for me. I slept with all my charged crystals and overall, it was a peaceful sleep. I awoke this morning with great expectations of ‘getting things done’, if you know what I mean. After being out of town for several days I was raring to go and accomplish many tasks. My intentions were crystal <wink> clear to me, however I believe The Team had other plans for my precious time…Yes, that’s right…I was slammed and relegated to my bed after being awake for maybe 4 hours. Good thing I failed to make my bed therefore crawling back in was a snap! I felt what I lovingly refer to as the “Kundalini Flu”…where I can’t stay awake and I am feeling the chills with nothing left to do but plop my head on the pillow and sleep through it….another round of integrating physical changes; for what seemed like the 15, 000 time! So I don’t need to tell you I got absolutely NOTHING done today…ugh! From The Team’s perspective I achieved what I was meant to achieve…yeah, tell that to all the laundry piling up and dust bunnies in my house or the empty refrigerator…
Here is my question to all of you; do you think that by returning to our homes after the Intensive, we were now in our own ‘personal Stargate’? That is, because the crystals we brought with us and the crystals that were placed or buried in/around our homes were now so highly activated that we are feeling a vortex of intense energy? That’s what I believe may have happened to me today. Would so love to hear your experiences…so do tell!
The Kundalini Squirrel
“To explore strange new worlds, seek out new life, new civilizations. To Boldly go where no (hu)man has gone before!”
~Star Trek/edited by Squirrel ;)

Hi Jackie,
I am hopeful you could answer this question.
Before the intensive I saw a Reptilian chained in a sandbox.
You said they split from their shadow.
I also see this magnificent Reptilian that is so beautiful and filled with compassion and love.
And then Maldex(?) The pain, sadness, violence.
seems I feel both at the same time.

Here is my question?
Could it be that that was my shadow I split from in a Reptilian life?
Now that I have confronted, stood tall, my right leg is dragging and feeling very week.
The bone and muscle in upper thigh and ankle. Could that be the unchaining? I felt such deep sadness and Love when we went
to the Dracos.
Is this shifting into the Magnificence of integrating the Beautiful Reptilian?
I feel a little challenged with this integration.

Somewhere along the way, the little girl that was fascinated and fearful of the chained one has
thrown a red ball into the sandbox.

Anyway, I know it is a totality of all life and I know...... With my Heart ... We are All One.

Thank you for reconnecting me to Home within me. I can feel the Winged ones still holding me.

With my Heart Crystal, I send you Love.

Thank you for sharing. Your experiences are similar to mine, peaks of magnetism with energy and then the plunge. agree that people were staring, and highly attentive in the airport.
I had one man on my airplane that was making me feel uncomfortable because he stared so much. I now realize he probably was part of the stargate experience
or sensed the energy and wanted to share. Like you I felt I had toilet paper hanging from my pants. Monday was a typical day, although it felt surreal. I was quite energetic and happy, however at
4 am monday night I woke up and the room was spinning beyond belief. I got extremely nauseated and had lost all equilibrium. I tried going
back to bed and entered into a deep deep sleep where I dreamt that I was in a large amphitheater with animals and karen was there. They were teaching
us to fly. we did many trial flights and landings and this went on for a long long time. When we got back to the amphitheater I realized that a great deal of
time went by and I missed my flight to get back to San Francisco from New York. I laughed and said to Karen that I guess I
don't need airplanes any more! I woke up at 10 am and was in and out of sleep and was dizzy the entire day tuesday. I also saw a hummingbird and butterfly fly by my bedroom window within
minutes of each. My husband was in the room, They are signs for us of my mother in law and his brother......

Life is interesting indeed!

So happy to have you in my life!



Dear Jackie,

My heart is filled with gratitude for what you did to bring us to this place in time where we came together to open a Star Gate. My head is still light, and at the same time feels extremely big. As you would say, " I think I have a fat head". I saw our dear Dr. Paige today, and hope the work he did for me will help put me in a place where I can function in the business world. I had planned on going back to work yesterday, but alas that didn't happen. All I want to do is sleep, eat a little, and then back to bed with my head on the pillow. It isn't easy for me to type this message to you. The words and letters aren't coming together smoothly. I'm sure we are going thru a huge integration process, and I have a mass of crystals in my heart. You know me I didn't just place a few in key areas, and when I called them back, well, oh my goodness. I only have a small clue of what is going on. I did want to thank you and the Dear Team for all that you have done. It was such an honor to be there with everyone, and fulfill the role that I played, holding the energies, and go on this amazing journey together. The energy of "honoring" the experience is dominant with me. I feel like I will carry that with me forever.

As always, my heartfelt love and gratitude, ( You looked so beautiful and were so amazing)

P.S. This really wasn't easy to put together. Think I am still spinning in the Star Gate.

Hi jackie,
I called my work to cancel work for tomorrow, as soon as I got into the airport it was is soo strange I feel soo nausea, I love you soo much, you are a amazing women jackie, you are all of use gift from God, Goddess, all that is. I am SOOO grateful for the team and all the support and assistance, you have made a difference in all of are lifes and earth, by your patience, your love and most of all your believing in us and man kind no matter what. for me, you and the team have such trust in me that I can one day be a ET healer in my own unique way and just the confidence,that never ever had, and believing in myself, is just a great gift and to now this weekend that you had faith and trust in yourself to bring all that Is threw you, was the biggest gift to all of us and even thow you said that the love from god, goddess, all that is came only a little, with out blowing you and us out, was enough to now at least for me that were not separate and not alone and now matter what they love us, and I now have a different view of life of that we have to be hear to make a difference. please tell the team how grateful as there is no words how much I love everyone on the other side and most of all you jackie,

Dear Jackie,

I hope you are very fine after this last week-end! I am very sorry to have not written you earlier but this last week was busy!

Firstly, I want to thank you for this wonderful week-end! A week-end so rich in emotions, feelings, love and gratitude!

Would you have received news from Star? We have both lived something very special.

On Friday, 7th, I have been arrested at the customs because my passport was not up to date: there were no bar codes!? This is a specific new rule but as I do not travel a lot… I did not know it. After 1 hour, I completely release my mind and pried to the Guides to help me for this stupid situation.
One hour later, I received the authorization to come in the USA.

The day after, I was surprised to see a woman, Star, with a T-shirt of the same color as mine. At mid day, we spoke about our lives and, specifically of what I lived at the airport in Montreal. She explained to me what she feeled on this morning at the same time: she was obliged to stop her car because a voice asked to her to send numbers!

I realised that beyond customs, beyond languages, beyond all differences, I really feeled, integrated we are One, we are all connected!

Even my friends have feeled something during this week-end! And the crystal of a friend of mine is completely boosted. When she uses it, as pendulum, their reaction is clear and "speaks" with her.

Furthermore, at the end of September, I have been contacted for a new job I accepted last week. I am going to work in the Alternative Medicine college of Canada! It is a real change and in a domain I love! This new job will consist of doing the interface between the Direction, teachers in naturopathy/ homeopathy, students; find new teachers, machines, correcting examination, etc.

All these changes could not have been done without you and your Team!

Please, receive Jackie/Team my warmest thanks and gratitude for all what happened in my life. It is really fantastic!


Greetings Jackie

Well this past ten days has been quite the ride, bringing multitudes of lessons and levels of awareness of self once again!
I am not even sure how or why this experience what I shall call "Waves" hit me, These waves started about ten days ago , What I remember was that I was going about my day as usual, and then all of a sudden, I was immersed in these feelings that swirled through my body, within several minutes, feelings of extreme sadness overtook my mind, I felt my body start to feel heavy and weak.....
I felt like I wanted to cry!.....
I stood there breathing into these emotions, witnessing and looking to identify where they were coming from and why? Within a few minutes, I witnessed my vibration and energy level drop even more, I felt strong waves of sleep coming on, yet it was only mid afternoon, and I thought to myself, I have way to much to complete before the end of today!

I remember trying to complete the tasks at hand, and several times forgetting what I had went to get from the shop, a mere two minutes before, I could not keep focus! the afternoon turned to evening, my mind and body felt anxious, and a building of internal frustration and agitation , mainly due to my not being able to shake off or shift this feeling that was growing and getting heavier!.....
I remember saying to myself....OK Blue lets get some rest and tomorrow will be a brand new day, and we will be back to normal in the morning!......
Well that night as tired as I was, I had difficulty falling asleep, and once I did, I kept waking up every hour or so with uneasy feelings washing through me. I continued to focus on positive visions with good for the whole outcomes, it was like ocean waves, I would imagine a positive vision and view it as a growing wave on the ocean, and just as quick waves of visions of all the imbalance on our planet swept right back at me, it was as if I were feeling the collective emotions of many beings on this planet, who had just lost or about to loose all they had worked for during their life.... I was feeling the bitter cold and the pain from hunger that millions upon millions were feeling in that very moment!.... It was so very intense, I found myself gasping for air trying to breathe!
I was overwhelmed with many feelings, I felt a huge wave of emotional anger, I felt anger and disgust, for the scheming ruthless beings who dreamed up the federal reserve, and created a system of self serving, which had no intent of ever benefiting the whole, I felt anger for the ones who are spraying aluminum and barium in our upper troposphere over our heads each and every day, polluting our air and water with these particulates and not disclosing the real reason to the mass population!
How and why had this all come to be!....

And why was I feeling all this negativity? I have been preparing my whole life for this very shift, I was born knowing of this time now at hand! I have been taught over and over to not become attached, during the quickening!......

Well ok then, looks like I need to detach and remember a bit more!
The next ten days were filled with layer upon layer, I would pull my energy up and use my focus on the positive and hold it as long as I could, yet these waves were relentless, I found myself using much of my energy resisting what I was moving through or what was moving through me! At times I felt so much pressure I just wanted out of this body, I remember feeling, enough all ready, Im done, give me a helium tank, and lets leave this place!......
Yet I knew there was some reason and lesson in all of this, and I started to realize that I didn't really want anyone else to help me find my way out of these feelings, I wanted to stay there till I learned how to do it myself, in fact what I found was that I really wanted to go as deep into them as I could and learn to not resist what was moving through me, and for the next nine days, I prayed for guidance and let go and went as deep as deep would go!

And that I did!

Well yesterday morning, the 18th of October 2010 as I started my day I looked out my window, and I saw a dot of Orange catch my eye, as I focused, an instant feeling of relief came into my body, just as a breath of fresh air!

I got up from my chair grabbed the camera and walked through the sliding glass door out towards this shining beacon of Orange!.....
As I got closer, each breath seemed to bring nourishment of vibrant energy into my body.

As I reached this one lone flower, I felt a flow through my body!

There it was, One oh so beautiful gift from creator waiting to share its knowledge!
In those next few moments I witnessed a strength and power that was being offered by this one small beacon of light, a power and energy much stronger than the other forces in which my mind and body had been consumed by......
That's how it started, somehow, some way, the energy flowing through this one lone flower, started to re-align the flow of my vibrational body once again!
I sat there looking at this flower and drinking in the energy that was once again flowing through me..... In my minds eye I witnessed the energy flowing through this flower, I felt my own body start to open up even more, It felt like my body was changing from a fine mesh screen on a window, transforming into chicken wire which allowed more to pass through!

My whole body felt like a dried up sponge, being immersed in pure clean water, I was so amazed how my body started to feel stronger so quickly,
I flashed back on the past few days, remembering how I kept telling myself
to just snap out of it!

I remembered feeling the frustration of how all my old ways did not work in shifting my vibration, I remembered how easy it was
for my emotions to be swirled with rampant thoughts and how important being aware of our thoughts influence focus!

Yes I am Remembering once again!

It was very clear to me this lesson of Moving Through was something I need to master NOW!, as we are defiantly moving through or into a new vibration and density and there is no doubt left that this shift is happening with increasing intensity and if in fact it will increase in intensity, I sure wish to be able to handle it with much more ease!
So as we to ride these waves of vibrational change together, I give thanks for this experience and for the gift of life which has been given, I realize more and more, how very blessed we are to have and "BE" beacons of light for each other, as we continue.... Moving Through ......

May we reflect and give thanks for all beacons of light on our path each day!
I am Soooo very happy to be on this mission with you!

I Love you!
Sending Big hugs of Flower Power Love!
Blue Star

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