We have watched you grow, struggle and love like no other species in any Universe, level or dimension. Your capacity to love is unparalleled. It is time for you to own that and know who you truly are. A decision was made that it was time to lovingly help you move forward. We are not here to take your power. We love you too much for that.

We looked for a way to help you that was non-invasive and non-threatening. It was determined that the most appropriate way to interact with you was through healing and scientific advancements which can help you to end the struggle, separation and fear. It is time for you to remember who you truly are and to reclaim your power. You are not passive participants in your world but actively creating all that you see. It is now time for you to become conscious participants in the Cosmos as well.

Are we having fun?

Oh goodness, yes! We are having a wonderful time. This is great fun and very joyful for us. Think of yourself helping your children that you love so much and want to guide and direct into a wonderful expansive experience. So is it with us for in many ways we truly are your parents.

What do we want from you?

Our only desire is for you to awaken to your wonder and magnificence. Your Star Families are waiting eagerly to reunite with you and to stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Their greatest desire at this time is to work with you and co-create with you.
What else is family for?

We want you to be a part of the Cosmic Family not just your Earthly family. When you expand your perceptions, you will view everything differently. All things will become expanded and limitless. You are far more than just the lifetimes that you have experienced on planet Earth. You have experienced thousands of lifetimes in multiple Universes and dimensions. Realize that you are now experiencing the influence of these expanded experiences because it is now time. By even beginning to understand this expanded Cosmic view, your entire life will change. Your ability to create magic and miracles will become easier and more elegant instead of filled with struggle and hardship. The biggest secret is that you put out an invitation to us and said "We are now ready." We are responding to your call with great joy. Another secret is that the Universe is filled with joy and humor. We love to have fun! We invite you to join us on this adventure. There is no sacrifice involved in what we are asking. There is only the willingness to give up your belief in limitation. Each of you has many unanswered questions. We invite you to participate in this program. We promise that you will discover the answers that you seek and be very surprised at how much you learn. More importantly, you will begin to have real fun. You will see all things more clearly. Your life will begin to change and your love for both yourself and others will begin to overflow. You see, healing happens on all levels, not just the physical.

Will people think that I am crazy for doing this?

Well, we ask each one of you to look into your hearts. Only you can determine if this information speaks to you. If it does, then you have been chosen to be an ambassador. When enough of you know and have experienced that we are real then many, many others will open to this truth as well. Understand that these healing experiences are happening at the Archetypal level. Each healing trickles down into the mass consciousness. This means that as you heal you really are helping to heal all of humanity and in turn impacting the Cosmos as well.



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