To all of my Dear Friends:

Thank you so much for all of the beautiful testimonials! They are beautiful beyond words. Thank you from me and from THEM!!! We are creating a NEW WORLD! This is the most magnificent time that we have ever experienced on any planet in any Universe. Your support is so greatly appreciated. Your words will be on the website in their entirety (except for some personal comments that may be superfluous to the content of the testimonial) because they are so heartfelt and so very beautiful. I know that each testimonial will be read by just the right person. People can read YOUR words and allow your experience to touch their hearts and souls. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to creating a NEW WORLD. Never underestimate your impact. Each of you is magnificent and wonderful. Each of you is part of this amazing time during which we are beginning to own and know who we are and just how much of a difference we can make. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!


Know that I'm in awe every day. I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing evolution. Never underestimate your impact on humanity and the Planet. We are doing this together. Thank you for being willing to participate and co-create.

We are all Spiritual and Cosmic Family. We are connected through all time in a web of love. We are part of a collective of Beings that agreed to participate in this amazing ascension experience which connects us multidimensionally.

All of those that are participating in this thank you!!!!!! They love you so much. Feel their love and know without a doubt that you are far more than you know.

You are my spiritual and cosmic family.
With the greatest humility and heartfelt love,
- Jackie

Dear Jackie,

I can't begin to tell you how Grateful and Thankful I am to you and The ET'S & Healing Masters. I did not realize how bad my Health was when I first came to you. On July 4, 2004 I was unable to walk or even get off my couch because of the Arthritis in my knees. It was so painful, I sat and cried. I was also having small Heart Attacks, which I did not realize at the time. My first visit with you & the ET Healing Masters completely fixed my knees and my heart. I can run up stairs now without any pain what so ever. Even when it rains or gets cold I have absolutely no pain. If you didn't know me, you wouldn't even know I had those problems. My Heart is better than EVER and I feel like a Million Dollars. I have so much ENERGY it's absolutely a Miracle how good my HEALTH is now. I had been in an auto accident in 1983 and had brain damage. My head on the right side would swell up from time to time and it hurt all the time. It would swell to about as big as my hand could cover. I no longer have the swelling or the pain. I had asked the ET's & Healing Masters to improve my vision on my second visit. When I asked this my prescription was -2.25. I went to my eye Dr. this week and now my prescription is -1.25. This is quite an incredible improvement for my age (55). The eye Dr. could not believe it. They also worked on my emotional well being and I am happier, and healthier than ever before. When they worked on my knees, they left a small scar about 1/4" long on each of my knees. When they worked on my heart, they left a scar on each of my arms about 1/4" long where they had put the I V in my arms. Both of these scars were not there before they worked on me. My 16 year old daughter Misty had broken her foot in 2003, right at her ankle on her right foot. The Physical Dr. had put two screws in her ankle and said he would take one out in a year, but she would for the rest of her life keep the other Screw. After 1 Year, she could not bend her foot to walk right or to swim. She came to see you and the ET Healing Masters. From the moment she got off the table Her foot was normal and she could bend it perfect with no pain. When she went back to the Physical Dr, he could not believe how well her foot had healed. He took both screws out and said you couldn't even see where it had broken on the x-rays. You also worked on a friend of mine who had an accident to the brain in 1986. It had caused a Brain Tumor, Epilepsy, and Blood Clots to the Brain. he also lost his sight in his right eye in 1986 from the accident. He had Migraine Headaches constantly. After seeing you and the ET Healing Master, There was no tumor, No Epilepsy, and no Blood Clots. Also his vision returned in his right eye and continues to improve every day. There is also no more Headaches or Pain. These and many more experiences from my friends and family have been miraculous and incredible. By the way Jackie you know I am a professional psychic and could see the ET's & Healing Masters as well as the Clinic and the Equipment they use on us. It was the most Incredible Life Changing Experience I have ever had. I can't Thank You and the ET's and Healing Masters enough for the miraculous changes I have witnessed and received myself. I wish you well and many more successes.

Thanks To ALL of You!

I was introduced to Jackie by a wonderful client of mine. She shared with me her experiences with Jackie and the aliens. She strongly urged me to give her a call. Before I called, I did a little research on the alien healing clinic. I found a book by Adrian Dvir and was intrigued by the contents of the book. But I still was hesitant to call. I had an appointment with my client the following month. The night prior to the appointment, I had a very vivid dream that was so different from any dream I have ever had. When I met with my client, I know that something had shifted in my mind. She again urged me to call, stating that my life would never be the same again. I came home that evening and called for my first appointment. We scheduled for the following week. And the dreams continued to amaze me. My testimonial is not of the romantic but of hard core facts of what I have experienced with Jackie and her aliens friends.

I phoned Jackie. She explained in detail prior to the session her personal experiences and what the clinic was about. I had prepared in advance a list of intentions and delivered them to her and to the aliens. I started to feel a vibration running through my body while she was talking. She began her session and I became very still not uttering a word for the entire hour. I was in a very deep state of meditation or something that resembled what I have come to know as feeling of deep relaxation. I opened myself up completely with trust . When we ended the session, I was still in this state and failed to say goodbye. I remained in this trance state for another hour unable or wanting to move. It was so blissful. I was for some reason very aware of my intentions, and continued to be for the following 3 weeks.

During the first week, I received a call from my daughter. We had a falling out 4 months before, and it was killing me. When I saw her number on my cell, I knew that she was calling to smooth over our problems. She said that she could not take not talking to me any longer. We came to an understanding and started the healing process. This was one of my intentions. I felt very strongly that this healing with her had a lot to do with my session with Jackie.

My second intention started to materialize shortly thereafter. I added a new service to my business that would require me to work between New York and California. I received a call to fly out to the west coast to meet with an actress who wanted our services. This was a huge leap for us. Again, my intentions seemed to be coming at me with a kind of magnifying energy. Things were abuzz. I was very excited to say the least.

I received a call from my daughter who lives in California, the one I had the falling out with. She was in the hospital with severe abdominal pains. The doctors could not figure what the problem was. They sent her home but did not do any tests. She returned on Monday still is pain. At this time they performed many tests and they came to the conclusion that they would do exploratory surgery to find out what was causing the problem. She was bleeding internally, and her blood count was very low. She phoned me in New York to tell me that she was going into surgery within the next 2 hours. I told her to give me a few minutes. I called Jackie, and I was able to reach her. I was able to do a 3 way call. She went to work right away and called in her alien friends. I suddenly felt at peace. My daughter called me back to tell me that the doctors upon a re-exam were amazed to find nothing wrong. Her swelling had subsided and her blood count returned to normal and the pain had stopped. They sent her home and put her on bed rest for a week. Jackie had come through for me. I was on cloud nine.

By the way, this was all within a 2 week span. I was still very aware of what was going on around me, meaning the energy was very strong. I was still focused on my intentions both personally and professionally. My mind was becoming very focused and sharp. My thinking was expanding like I had never before experienced. My California expansion was starting to grow at a very strong pace. Again I knew that the aliens were at work.

My second session was something that I will have a very hard time sharing. Jackie told me that this session would be very intense; she called in the E RIDE. I reaffirmed my intentions. Right away, I felt myself leaving my body, and I started to become one with the aliens and Jackie. I was seeing visions of the clinic and talking nonstop to Jackie what I was experiencing. I had crossed into a new life, and I welcomed it completely. I was in another world. My hope is that we all can have an experience like the second session I had. I cried, I laughed. When the session ended, I stayed quiet for another hour. I finally came back to my "normal life", and knew that my life was starting to become the life that I had always yearned for. I felt a sense of privilege, and that something big was allowing me to become a part of it. I was looking forward to upcoming week. I knew that there would be surprises.

I received a call from a national TV daytime show asking me to so a segment pertaining to my business. We have set the date for early March. My personal life is becoming more loving and sweet, my professional life is growing more quickly than I could have imagined. Oh yes, I also received 5 calls from national magazines that will do a feature on my business. My spiritual life, which I consider to be the most important aspect of my being, is starting to take on a shape that I have been yearning for most of my life.

Another beautiful thing is that those around me, my partner in business and life, and my children all have reaped some of these benefits that Jackie can provide for all of us. My children call me daily to tell me about wonderful things that are appearing in their lives. They are growing spiritually as well as mentally. They are letting go of old relationships and receiving new job promotions. My youngest, which had the medical problems, is reaping the benefits of this wonderful energy that came into her life during her illness and is growing in a direction that is a joy to witness. She questions me all of the time about Jackie, the aliens and takes it in stride. Very natural for her as she I do believe is one of these indigo children that I have read about. I urge both of my children to continue with Jackie and her alien friends, as well as my friends. My partner in business and in life also has had 2 sessions with Jackie. He was the kind of man who lived for and lived in the physical. He has also experienced his intentions coming to fruition and is very aware of other levels of energy that surround his life. Our lives are vibrating on a much different level.

I am looking forward to many more sessions with Jackie and the wonderful experiences that will follow. I urge anyone who is seeking a more enlightened life to phone Jackie.

As I read the headlines and watch the daily news, I can't help conclude that the intentions of the aliens are to help us through these difficult times we are living in today and teach us a new way to deal with the issues and problems. The aliens can teach us how to take action in a more efficient way.

G in NYC

My experience of Jackie Salvitti was like being with a healer, a psychic, a medium, a spiritualist, a medical intuitive, a friend, and a female Dr. Phil all rolled up into one. Meeting her was one of those synchronistic events in my life that shows me there is a bigger picture and that I am a part of it. If you find yourself drawn to this work, know that it is because you, too, are ready to take your next step into this evolutionary and transformative arena. You are here for a reason, something much grander than you can imagine. When I first met Jackie at an open house meeting, I was instantly drawn to her. She was savvy, with a no non-sense approach to the subject of the ET's. She wasn't interested in casual dialogue or fanciful speculation. This was real stuff - she knew it and I knew that she knew it! It was no accident that our paths had converged. Then years of work with healers, psychics and facilitators of all kinds had prepared me for this new and unique experience. I knew that the world was rapidly changing and new horizons were opening to those who were willing and ready. The possibilities were thrilling and I wanted to be a part of it. My first time on the table provided me with what I feel was a miraculous healing. I had undergone gall bladder surgery six months earlier along with a repair of a navel hernia I had suffered with for twelve years. The doctor said that my intestines were very scarred and he wasn't able to do the repair of the hernia to his satisfaction because of the complications of the gall bladder infection. As the ET's completed the initial scan of my body, Jackie went right to my navel and said, "Something wasn't done right and there is a kink here in your intestines." She told me that they were smoothing out this area and removing scar tissue. They placed implants in my intestines that would continue to assist with digestion as the healing continued. Since the hospital surgery I had been suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome which was sometimes painful and inconvenient. After my first session with Jackie my symptoms immediately improved and were 95% relieved by the next day and ever since then. I've never had any healer be more accurate in reading my body and pin-pointing all my aliments. They were even able to detect my husband's old knee injury and validate that he did it playing baseball as a child. Both my husband and I experienced many positive physical affects from our sessions. It was truly amazing and enlightening as we opened ourselves to the possibilities of this work. My husband and I attended the healing sessions together and naturally began doing work on our relationship as well. We had only been married a little over a year and were experiencing a great deal of conflict Jackie helped us to understand the nature and purpose of the work we were doing to heal the feminine rage on the planet. This led to the most profound experiences of my life as my psychic abilities were opened to the point of being able to have waking dreams and visions of past lives shared as lovers and companions. It was as if I would step into another life-time and experience being in a different body and feeling all the emotions and relationship issues of that other identity. I also had the ability to see and feel what my partner was seeing and feeling in that life-time. Each remembrance brought a new depth of understanding to our relationship and opened me to greater acceptance of the release-work that I have agreed to do on the planet at this time. I believe that I am drawing to myself all the "other parts" of my multi-dimensional wholeness into a oneness that can serve and support the transformation of humanity to its next level of consciousness. One night, after several sessions with Jackie, I had the experience of sensing twelve alien beings standing around my bed. I didn't see them with my eyes and yet I knew they were there and felt the energy of their presence. They were children of various ages and very humanoid but with bright, metallic blue skin and no clothing. I was not at all afraid, but instead sensed their love for me and mine for them. They remained for some time and then I fell asleep. In my next session with Jackie, a being named Shatar, from The Blue Planet, came to channel a message to me. I knew what the message was before Jackie began to speak. I had contracted to be a part of a hybrid experiment and my contract was completed. Much joy and gratitude was expressed and I felt a peaceful sense of closure to the experience.

I have many other stories surrounding my experiences with Jackie and I would gladly speak to anyone personally who is considering being a part of this fascinating work. These experiences continue to unfold to my conscious awareness and understanding and continue to propel me forward. It is as if a door was opened, an introduction made, and a new journey began. There is always MORE - more to see, more to know and more to experience. Jackie and her medical team have been and continue to be a part of the MORE.


My sessions with Jackie and the ET's in the portal have been transformative for my life, my spirit. The love and healing that is taking place in my heart and soul and physical body have opened me to be in that perfect stillness of spirit where my being is filled so much with Joy and Peace, more than I dreamed. My heart is filled with gratitude and tears for the LOVE that flows and pours into my very soul from all of the ET's, Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and my Higher self. I knew when I felt the deep calling within to connect with the ET's, that I was moving closer to home and connecting with my true self and purpose. I have just begun and the possibilities are limitless.

I came to Jackie and the ET's with intentions to align with my Higher Self and true purpose which I believe to be a part of creating a New World. I came with many physical ailments also that I wanted to work with and release. I believed them to be stress related from work, family, relationships, running too fast in our fast world and they were…but there were also much deeper levels that have been touched upon in my sessions that I have carried and not known…. Past lives, emotions carried with this lifetime as a young child and other lifetimes, emotions that I could not access to work through… many I have finally released with their help and Love and the weight that I feel lifted has brighten my Soul Light, this I know, not to mention how much happier my body is! I will continue to work with the ETS and Angels as I know my desire and purpose is to help humanity, but I need to help myself first and this I do for the Love of all Life in the universe. The transformations both physical and spiritual are astounding and the silent tears are tears of joy for that longing so deeply within my being to connect to my spiritual family is here. There are words I believe do not exist in our world that I can write here to express to you the work and incredible deep LOVE from the ET's and Angels for humanity, to help us ascend to our true selves and create and co-create with us the New World with Love, Light and Beauty. KNOW and FEEL from the words I have written, what my heart and soul know to be true.

Jackie, I want to thank you for your service to humanity and the universe for allowing this work to be done through you.
My Love and Grateful Heart always to you and to the ET's, Masters, Angels and Guides for their eternal gifts of Love.


One hot, sunny Florida afternoon last April, I slumped, exhausted, into my deep leather couch in my living room. I had just put the self-powered lawnmower away, pondered that if I had not engaged the self-powering linkage to move the mower, I could not have put it away. My fatigue was consuming me. I stared across the silent room, wrestling with the sobering thought that at age sixty nine, my life was not going to get better than this, and I must accept it. The phone rang, and I labored to answer it. My daughter was calling me from Europe to tell me that it was imperative I speak to Jackie immediately. There was something wrong with my heart. I felt a chilling sensation pass from the back of my neck to my fingertips. Jackie who? All of my life I have lived with hard facts, practical judgments, and the pain of less than intelligent decisions. I should lie on my bed, and receive a channeling which would heal me. All I had to do was give my permission and with an open mind, help in the healing process. The healing was scheduled immediately. I got up from that session a new person. An auto injury that had damaged a disk in my lower spine no longer hurt for the first time in two years, and hasn't since the healing. The areas around my heart were a bit sore, even achy, but not painful. How could that have happened after one telephone call? Within a few days my strength began to intensify, well exceeding that of fifteen years ago. I felt the ability to walk for forty five minutes most mornings, which I now do regularly. I currently work full time at a demanding job. I am restoring my thirty two foot power boat and physically managing my rentals. I became profoundly aware of my spiritual self, and my compassion for other human beings. I have lead many others to this blessing of earthly healing, thru Jackie. I have marveled at her commitment and integrity. I started life again. Could it work for you?

L in Florida

It is an honor and a privilege to have this opportunity to share this moment with you. It is my heartfelt desire that as you read these words it will touch your life in some meaningful way. I realize that I have just begun this amazing journey and am experiencing more joy than I have ever felt. Like many of us, I looked in most every direction for teachings that would help me make some sense out of my life, and bring me some understanding and feeling of peace.

When I lost one of my beautiful daughters, I thought that I would never recover. The pain of being separated from her felt like more than I could bare. Years later when I lost my loving husband, I felt again a wave of grief that at times I thought would take me down forever and sometimes I didn't care if it did. Life it seemed had no happy endings just a series of lessons to learn. It appeared to me that the churches that I went to before I began my search for truth were correct. When I heard was that eternal peace, joy, and love can only be experienced in heaven after you set this body aside.

It is my remaining precious and loving daughter that kept me here. What she was experiencing in her life was such a mess. I knew she needed a strong, courageous mother that she could look to as an example for hope. So I began another journey. I stated my intentions frequently to the universe. I decided not to give up. I would continue my search until I met with the right person at the right time that could truly assist the healing process at the deepest level of my being both this life and past lives. I was passionately determined to be healed on all levels and by so doing my world would change, and that would ripple out to my daughter and all my loved ones.

I am delighted to say that has happened and continues to unfold. Hope is alive and well within me. There is an inner connectedness that I am experiencing more each day, and with that comes a deeper knowing that I am truly loved, cared for, and protected. I know I am on an accelerated journey and I love it. I eagerly await every healing and expansive session. I'm discovering more and more of who I really am. It is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. I don't have to die to know peace and happiness. I can have it here and now, and so can you. This is a new frontier. This is not for the faint of heart. It does take courage to look at the deepest, darkest parts of our being. It is so worth it. Letting go of hurts and burdens of the past brings freedom, a joyous spirit, and an eagerness to live each day more fully. Beings of light and love are here to assist us. All we have to do is allow it to be. I wish all of you who read this many blessings on your journey to discovering the joy and love within you.

I wish to close this message with gratitude to Jackie for her unconditional love for me. Words cannot express how deeply I love her and appreciate all she has done for me. More and more each day I carry the feeling of "look how great my life is, look how great my life is."


2005 is the year of choice. That's what I was told anyway. But never in my wildest imagination, did I think it meant I would choose between having cancer or not! On Dec. 3, 2004 a routine chest x-ray revealed metastatic tumors in my lungs! I couldn't figure it out-I was not a high risk candidate for lung cancer, never having smoked a day in my life, yet there it was. After a full-body scan that same day to confirm their presence as well as finding "something suspicious" on my liver, I headed to my car exhausted and overwhelmed. I'm a nurse. I'm an ONCOLOGY nurse. So I knew what was staring me in the face and it didn't look promising.

As I drove the 20 minutes to home, I had a chance to reflect and like a bolt of lightning from inside, I KNEW I didn't have to accept that diagnosis and that I could choose NOT to die. Something changed-I calmed down and fell into a state of grace. I went to dinner with my friends since we had already planned it. What a privilege to have such wonderful supportive friends who didn't go into a grieving state, but rather upheld me in my decision for the best to occur. My brother even told me to remember that "we were tough old birds".

The next week when I was about the have the lung biopsy done by one of my physician colleagues, I asked him to picture that needle going in with healing energy which he agreed to do. I also had our hospital harpist and one of our chaplains in to play the harp calling in all my guides, guardians, and angels as well as to do healing touch.

I am here today to tell you I DON'T HAVE CANCER! They found a very rare form of benign uterine fibroids growing on my lungs. I also have an old hemangioma (old bruise)on my liver. I don't even have a uterus anymore, but those fibroids had to have someplace to live so I could do my healing work. The work I have done with Jackie and the ET's has been to understand this process from a metaphysical level. I know this is very big for both me and the planet.

I have learned in a very powerful way, we can literally make choices to change our DNA. We can change our very lives to be who we are meant to be. It's purely and totally a choice. I am remaking myself from the cellular level out. What an adventure! (And by the way, the fibroids are shrinking).

RM in Oregon

Jackie's sessions take you deep within the reservoir of your inner being expanding out and connecting in the higher realms to your spiritual families. The process of the screens is very intense where one can truly eliminate in a short period of time energy that has been lodged in your cellular memory. The healing continues on so many levels after the session is completed whenever you choose to listen to the tape. I am amazed at what is triggered even when I listen to tape or the aha moment that yes I understand and now it's clear. I have gained clarity with deep seeded programs I wasn't even aware of my whole life it is like shining the flash light in the basement before you know it the whole basement is filled with light. The team is awesome Jackie is blunt straight forward which for me is perfect and her humor as well as the teams well let’s just say laughter is a great healer. Jackie's sessions have provided for me another more intense tool to deal with core issues and connect on a much deeper level with my little girl. You think you have completed something and another layer is there for you to address. The process is not drawn and each session expands on the previous one. Thank you so much for the extraordinary work and service you provide

Dear Jackie,

Thank you so much for our session on Tuesday. I know we did more than we ordinarily do. For the sake of a little boy, I am deeply appreciative. I know that took some sacrifice so a little boy could live and not suffer. Not only was R helped but all children who could potentially come down with this type of leukemia garnered healing from this. And for the children who are well into the illness and at a crossroads with it, the healing is reducing their suffering. The word grateful is not big enough for Tuesday's session and there are no words for your healing leukemia in a child or reducing their suffering.

C in California

Hi Jackie!!

You've done it again. You may be an acquired taste like you said, but you're my taste that's for sure!!

Your program was really life changing last night. As soon as you said you had the subconscious belief that you deserved to suffer I got a massive body hit and knew I had the same thing. I of course asked for the Team and everybody else I could think of for help with this including my new manifestation inner child crystal and my new Isis inner child generator crystal pendant for help with this one.

ALL night I cleaned up a dirty cluttered kitchen! It took hours. I would wake up, know what it was about and ask for help again with even more of of a powerful intent and desire and finally before awakening this morning. the chrome was shining!

Thumbs up for you.

Much Love,

WOW DO I FEEL GOOD SINCE OUR LAST SESSION!! - IN SO MANY WAYS - AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME !!! - what they did to me on my brain might be called by others a miracle i would say - i think i was in a little trouble. Also seems like they have fixed even more stuff that may have been damaged for years!! Also power retrieval is really working now, can really see and feel the results and where it's going and just feel a whole lot freer and in control. FANTASTIC

See ya soon, love

Within the first month of working with Jackie and the Team, real miracles started to happen. For example, we suddenly bought a summer house, which had been a big bone of contention between my husband and me for some years. Most importantly, my relationship with my children changed in a meaningful, lasting way. My son told me one day that I was not the mother he thought I would be when he was a baby. The change is not only apparent to me -- in the way that I feel and think -- but clearly to my children, for whom I do this work. Thank you for changing my life!

Dear Jackie,
Just a quickie mail, to tell you the wonderful news! Today, at 3.15 p.m. I had the results of a 24 hour blood pressure test, I had to have the contraption tied to me for 25 hours and the reading was taken every half hour...........not much sleep last night....BUT.......the reading came out in many graphs and readings as COMPLETELY NORMAL isn't that wonderful, after over seven months of ot constantly rising !!!!!! Of course I know it has occurred since I received your healing and the Star people's visit. PLEASE THANK THEM AND GIVE THEM AND YOURSELF MY DEEPEST LOVE AND SINCERELY THANKS.
S in Australia

For the last several months, I have gone through a lot of depression,
anxiety and drug use. I thought that the depression may have been from
coming off of the pain pills, but was not sure. I have seem to lost my light
and become very introverted. I even questioned life at times, even with all
that I know.

This all changed after yesterday’s session. I no longer feel depressed, I
feel that the veil was lifted, just as I had asked for and I know that all
great things are now coming my way. It is time for me to become that which I
agreed to become. Since my Chakra session, I am like a light attracting the
moths, more so than ever before. People from the street, gym, stores and
work just come up to me and start talking to me. I mean strangers! Something
magical came from my session, I feel cleared of all doubt, worry and stress.
It's either the session, or the Prozac kicking in!!!

Thank you very much and as always it was great to see you.

Love ya,

SB in Las Vegas

You are awesome. You are authentic, down to earth, loving, kind and truly from the heart. You and your team have helped me sooooo much - and I look forward to our next session.

You will never truly know how many hearts and souls you are touching each week via your work and your show. I shared your clearing exercise with two friends and I have watched them fly (one of those friends was my mother - and I am grateful to you Jackie).

My heart also tells me it is time for you to get out there and share your knowledge, love and gifts with the world. And I can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of love from my heart to yours.
C in Canada

Just wanted to tell you that I had my annual check up today and it was pretty perfect!!
The labs were all normal and doctor asked how I managed to get the triglycerides down almost 100 points? I said, it has to be the ET Healing. She said, "the what?" so I gave her your website address. The best labs I've had in a long time!!!! Thank you and thank the ET medical team. I want to continue to have sessions as my finances permit.
I cancelled the periodontal gum surgery this month and will have him take another look before deciding in Oct.
Hope you are well.
Exciting stuff happening.
A in Arizona

I'm feeling terrific!!! how about you???

Re: Improvements:
I don't know where to begin actually... At first, I wanted to heal all my physical complaints; aches, pains, diagnosis, etc...
But as time went on, I realized that my troubles stemmed from a much deeper place; especially my emotions.
I hadn't realized how low I had reached.

After just 2 sessions, I feel as though my life has taken a different turn...
it's difficult to explain in words. Even my husband has felt a great release of pent up anger and frustrations from his past.

At the moment, I feel better physically, (I'm still healing), but especially in my moods and emotions. I feel more hopeful, trusting in the future, a much lighter feeling inside. I've started my own business after quitting my nursing job.
My dreams have been very clear & colorful and am able to remember them. It’s very obvious to me that I'm doing a lot of clearing and creating, as my dreams reflect to me.

I rejoice in the realization that this is only the beginning. Imagine how great life will be if I continue to heal & grow.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart...

Most gratefully,
Y L-Ontario, Canada

I wanted to share with you my experience after our last session...I took a bath like you suggested and the water was very hot. When I got out of the bath I felt dizzy. I laid down on the floor to gain my composure and felt as if I was really whole & in a meditative place right away. Then I tried to get up again and was even more dizzy, so I crawled to bed and called my sister to bring me something to eat. I slept from 7:30 pm until 4:00 am the next morning (I was leaving town and had not packed yet).

While I was on the airplane I asked my Higher Self what the dizziness was about and the answer I received was that I had received back all my power and the dizziness was about now having a higher frequency.

Does this make sense to you?

Blessings, JH

Wow- I'm still experiencing our session yesterday. Thank you so much for doing this work. I'm flabbergasted by the intensity and accuracy. I'm really looking forward to our next session,
Blessings to you,
C in CA

The healing experience on 2/28 this year continues to be uplifting... actually, it was life changing. I'm looking forward to having another treatment soon.


Last night, I was awakened during sleep by a strong hand bracing my
right shoulder while another hand gave a firm push to my coccyx. I
was surprised and it took a few seconds to realize it was your et
friends working on me. I woke up refreshed and my mental and
physical states feel balanced! All night I had dreams of being in
different environments—both indoors and outdoors—beautiful trees and
foliage dapple with sunlight, while other times a wet, bleak, urban,
concrete filled, desolate area. I ended up in a high-end, four-
star, Ian Schrager futuristic hotel / craft of sorts? I can actually
smell the scent in one of the metallic-like bathrooms for visitors.
" It ain't Kansas," like Dorothy said, but I loved it!!

A in NYC

I have graduated to the point where life is great. I know it has to do with you and yours. My sister is dying in California and her children aren't talking to me but it is OK.

My husband was in an accident and didn't get hurt at all. A lady called me that didn't even know that I had sisters to tell me that my Dead sister from Wisconsin was there to make sure nothing happened to him.

Life is full of love and I blame you! LOL Thanks for being in my life.


The first time I wrote to you I fell into a very deep sleep the next day and found that my back seemed to be absolutely perfect, I had a mark on the lower back which is damaged for almost a week, but it was miraculous no pain and able to walk and do things which I had been totally unable to do for years, it lasted for about two or more months and no-one could believe how different I was. So, if that can happen just requesting help from you I know that I will be much better after I have arranged a full healing appointment.
SW in Western Australia

The work with the team is truly heals you, so that old patterns that you recalled automatically are no longer necessary. You simply discard them, and you become a different person. Some of my deepest feelings of rage, anger, frustration, and fear have disappeared and replaced with a feeling of calm and balance. It's a little bit confusing at first because I was not used to being this calm, and I was not used to reacting without going to extremes. One of my friends told me recently that she witnessed me getting a PhD in a year in aligning myself with the life of my dreams. This work is life altering.
Thank you!

Thank you for your vulnerability, for your huge open heart ... your choice to live your divinity for all to hear, share and heal.

I can really feel the shift in your voice (energy), the firm, grounded yet ethereal, transcendental choice of love, love over all.

Thank you for leading the way, for caring to give and share ...

The Team did light the candle, I can feel it, sense it... I will call on them, and remember this night ...
My love and gratitude,


Hi Jackie and team,

I want to thank you for the absolutely beautiful meditation that you gave last week for our future. It was so magical. I truly look forward to each Thursday night's program. I am awe struck with my individual sessions and am at a loss for words as to where they take me. WOW! WOW! WOW! Let the magic happen!
Jackie, thank you for letting all this happen thru you and thank you team.

___Jackie: Great news! I would like to share w/ you w/ great excitment that my eczema which was covering my arms, legs and torso is just about 90% healed !!!!! Thank you to you and the Team!!!

I just wanted to update you and the team about my power retrieval session last night. This session (my 4th) was for me by far the most powerful session that I’ve had so far. This is not to say that all the sessions have not been powerful. It’s just that it has taken three sessions to really clean out and remove everything in these first three chakras. When we finished there was a knowing that we had really got down to the “bedrock” or the “nitty gritty” as you said afterwards. I knew this because of the energy that I was feeling. I always feel great energy during and after the sessions but this was different. It was as if we had unlocked the mother lode. I was telling Gloria that we had definitely tapped into something big tonight. The energy was just rushing through me. As I laid there after the session, I could feel energy just pouring into my body through my feet, through my body and out through the top of my head. It felt as if the energy was just cycling from my head to my feet over and over again. I felt ecstatic, like I could do anything. I also felt lighter and much happier than I have felt in a long time. This happiness was not specific to any one thing but just happiness in general. I am still feeling this energy and happiness to this moment. As I do more sessions I realize just how important these power retrievals are in taking back control of our power and emotions. Imagine the world we could live in when everyone can feel this way. Obviously these sessions build upon each other and to think that I am probably only half way through the power retrieval with my father, I can only imagine the changes and healing that will take place when this retrieval is completed.

Once again I would like to thank you, Jackie and the Team for this wonderful pioneering work that you do for me and for everyone. It is definitely making a big difference. Thank you.

Dear Jackie:
I feel so deeply blessed that I found your program and have been listening to you for almost 2 years now. Every show seems to have more and more of an impact than the last.

Nothing in life is for certain except that I know I can tune in every week for entertainment and the most wondrous of healings. Thank you for assisting us all on this journey.


Dear Team and Jackie,

I would like to convey my gratitude for your work and my deepest love and respect for your willingness to do it. It is both thrilling and exciting at the same time. It is remarkable work and by extending yourself to work with an individual person such as me, you show that you wish to gift the earth with the message that all of creation matters.

C in CA

My feelings about this last session: Before beginning, I did a meditation during 30 minutes and I already felt them around me. When I went to bed, I was so calm and relaxed and I am still surprised of this because, sure you agree with me, this approach is unusual and I absolutely was not afraid!
I felt very well where They worked on me: 2nd and 3rd chakras, particularly pancreas and liver, thyroid, pituitary, eyes.
The 2 days after, I was a little bit nauseous, that's all.
During the session, I also saw several orbs at the ceiling. It was absolutely amazing!
I also felt Their pure love and peace I've never received! All my body received like tickling!
I did meditations and sentences They treat me and They were with me until Saturday morning.
I also see that the skin of my face is much more beautiful and clear.
P in Canada

HI Jackie and All***
Just a brief update regarding my session from yesterday. Feeling very much like I am in a sense of mourning. A deep sadness has been over me all day almost a feeling of "what might have been". It seems that the hooks and cork screws and planks that connected us kept my father alive for me in a constant fantasy. Like the child who finally realizes there is no Santa Claus, I am feeling betrayed by my own emotions and even a bit angry at all the energy I spent in my life on this fantasy called "father".
In the session I was impressed by all the light coming from his chakras once the retrievals were done, the most emotional chakra clearing for me was the 3rd eye. It brought tears to my eyes and an immediate "knowing" inside that my father held my power for me until I was truly ready to handle it. I’m not entirely sure what that means but that is the message I was given. It made me cry.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do.
You change lives.
ME in AZ

Just a quick THANKS to you and the GROUP and some feedback. During my session I did feel touches on my arms and legs and when the Group was working in the head area I definitely felt fingers pressing on the temporal areas. But surprise, surprise my husband Shaun, who was in the room with me actually saw something. The day before Shaun had a wisdom tooth pulled at the Dentist, so he was still not feeling great. During the session he drifted off to sleep but before he did Shaun says he saw small "little fellas" at the end of our bed. He said they were just observing.

I started my day today I wanted to tell you and the team that I have
the most profound gratitude and the utmost respect for you.
You have changed my life in ways I could never imagine.
I love you,


Dear Jackie:
Thank you for doing the intense work that you do ! I have had the experience of being present for a healing session that you have done w/ my dear friend. It was nothing less than magical. There were things that happened that I could not have imagined myself...seeing a device being dropped down into his forehead area !! I must ask for a session, possibly several or shall I say whatever I need to do for the assistance with my transformation. I look forward to hearing from you. L
Still listen to your shows. Wwwwellll last night I did have a dream
of meeting an ET!!!! Don't remember much but was happy to be allowed to bring back awareness of even a tiny bit. Had never even had a dream of ET's that I'm aware of.
The Team came through with their word as usual. Big milestone for me. Any bit of confirmation meant a lot to me. I've been on a long and lonely journey this earth time around, with family and friends just thinking I'm crazy or odd. Even during your shows, my questions, thoughts and concerns seemed to get answered even if only by one word said. Thank you to The Team
and yourself for continuing to do all the great work you do.
Much light and love to you all….

Just thought I'd let you know how amazing the team actually is. After an agonizing night, I woke up this morning to feel just fine. The team is super.....

Brian is very good – best ever for weeks – energy up to 50% , appetite good with no intestinal pain. Just to assure you he is looking after himself as well – he is on:
Liver and kidney cleanse and support
Rayobase for PH balance
KiKi superfood (masses of amazing organic ingredients)
Organic Hemp powder for Protein intake
Vibrational remedies (rebuild) this month from Bio-energetic therapist
Zeolite – volcanic ash to remove heavy metals build immune system and support ph balance
Diet – masses of organic fruit and veg. grown on our farm
Detox baths
Colon cleanse and gut repair to begin in two weeks time
All the above have been well sourced, as I have run my own complementary therapy and teaching centre here in the UK for the past six years and have many good contacts.
But most of all thanks to you and your team because, for sure, the rapid improvement has happened since you began working with him. We are both so very grateful.
He walked 50 yards this
afternoon. Unfortunately his epidural line came out and they had to put
him on morphine, which resulted in him 'getting too high'!!. They are
still trying to get pain control balanced. He is not allowed to eat for a
couple of days until his new plumbing heals.

A good friend of mine tells me he has an ET with him called Zochiades, who
is overseeing his return to health. This friend had no idea we knew of, or
had asked for ET assistance! All very evidential!

Thank you all for your remarkable assistance.


I feel so much better. I have never had this fast of a physical
healing before. I can bend over, bend to the side, sit down, and get
up without wanting to cry. I was in so much pain. While the team
was working on me I could feel their touch and my whole left side of
my back became pleasantly warm. After the team was finished, I
went to the restroom and released large clots of dark blood. My
Chinese acupuncturist told me a long time ago that dark clots was
releasing old hurtful emotions. I still have some soreness, but the

pain is gone. I am so grateful! Thank you and the Team very, very

Upon waking this morning, there was a beautiful, loud message
resounding through my mind. It went something like, "Jackie is a
wayshower during these times." "Jackie has the awareness of the true
reality of these times." Something to that effect.

Daniel and I had started out on our adventure, we were living (briefly) in our 1 bedroom condo. There I had had a session with healing ET’s (yes, the starship kind) with an amazing channel named Jackie Salvitti from Las Vegas. After suffering for years with varying degrees of insomnia, this 3rd session on my liver initiated my being able to fall asleep again once I woke up in the night. I didn’t lose so much time in bed waiting to fall back asleep. Now, after the exposure to all the smells and the quickie release Debbie had given me, my liver began to react and I found myself waking up early and having difficulty getting back to sleep. This is a real problem if you have things planned during the day, as I had. It meant I was beginning to be sleepy during the day but unable to get a nap in that fixed it. I started to drink a lot of coffee. On the road, it was next to impossible to know in advance just where we would be or if we would have adequate cell phone reception. So I couldn’t schedule another ET session. And since Jackie is so booked up in advance, that pretty much ruled out any possibility for a while.
I recommend ET healing sessions. I’m sure they helped save my life a few years ago when I was terribly ill. At that time I was suffering from insomnia so badly that I was seeing things that weren’t there during the day and feeling like I was being burnt by fire during the night. After two sessions I felt a major relief and after 3 sessions I had the turnaround I needed so that I could begin to sleep more. The sessions are done over the phone.

Jackie volunteers assistance with severe spinal cord injury following five failed neurosurgeries spanning 26 years. Chairman of 92-year old firm retires at 39-years old with a death sentence. July 3rd 2005 arrives with tortuous pain; a bed-bound skeleton heavily medicated with a terminal connection; euthanasia a winning hand; riches to rags.
As if typical, a pre-op shot travels over 500 miles on this unknown date at this unknown time instantly slamming me into the pillow as if airbags had deployed. No fear or pain, Jackie sees to it. Telepathically relaxed; even for alien technology spinal cord condition is complex. Inter-dimensional surgery adds to the conundrum. Emotional damage presented via pictures on a scan. Three successive surgeries required; tiny laser-like apparatus sent for and scheduled into corresponding surgery; triple-layer spinal cord sheathe covering brain and spinal cord needs replacing via culturing in remote laboratory; 1 hour of our time = 9 hours of theirs; 3 months probable post operative healing; unusual dreams of great import transpire over several occasions—wife as well.
Today is almost 7 weeks. Walk the yard, drive to grocery store and write unsolicited appreciation memo. For the first time in almost 3 decades a small sign to take out of storage and dust off: “Welcome.”

Jackie.. Thanks to you and your partners, and the doctors and therapists involved life is really on the upswing!!!! Since M stopped seizing about 7 weeks ago, she has been rebounding and fighting to regain all that she lost during her seizing period. Today she had a complete examination by her pediatrician, and the results were so encouraging. She is now standing up on her own and walking up to 15 steps at a time. Her head has grown since last measured, indicating that the brain is no longer shrinking - instead must be growing. She has regained her ticklishness and easily makes eye contact with all. She babbles all the time, but still hasn't been able to formulate words. The doctor says her speech is at 7 months, but this is a monumental improvement!!!! We're hoping to hear words very soon. Of course she is still on the 2 drugs that seem to have stopped the seizing, and will probably be for a long time. Her next appointment @UCSF with the neurologist and epileptologist isn't until the middle of October, but they were overwhelmed with her progress when they last saw her a month and a half ago.
I could go on and on. Life is so improved for all of us as we watch our baby 'come back'. We are soooooo grateful. I will communicate more often as things progress. There aren't enough THANKS in the world.

A woman divinely sent with love and integrity to act as a bridge to those desiring more knowledge of the universe and self.

It is hard to find the exact words for what my sessions with ET's and Masters channeled by Jackie Salvitti have done for me. I cried silent tears of gratitude from the moment my first session started. On a very deep level I knew I had reconnected with my soul family. This connection, lost to me for eons of time was now back.

From then on I have been having regular readings with Jackie and every time the connection strengthened. I felt my body being reworked internally in both mystical and very scientific ways. Old emotional patterns that no longer served me were being lifted as well. I started getting feedback from people about how much younger I was looking. There have been many amazing physical healings, too many to mention, including an experience where after I had requested a healing form a cold I was having, within about 11 hours I literally felt the cold "evaporating" from my brain, and then it was gone completely.

These days my levels of trust and self confidence, my sense of peace and well being are increased exponentially. There is more of an elegant flow to my every day life and much more ease and elegance in everything I do and experience. A lot of it is beyond words and human language. I have a deeper knowing of who I am, there is a lot less fear, the sense of " a bigger picture" is permeating everything I do and feel. It is best to just say that my life is changed forever, and I know all this is only the beginning. My gratitude is endless. And so is my joy.

Having had sessions with Jackie and her wonderful team of Beings has saved my life. A few weeks after my first sessions with Jackie I was unexpectedly operated on for a birth defect that I had been unaware of my entire life. I am sure my Star Family arranged for this, for had I not had this operation I would not be alive today. My sessions have opened me up to the Love of my Star Families, not once since have I not felt their penetrating joy and love. I look forward to the wonderful upgrades that come with each session. Thank you, Jackie, for helping humanity anchor in the Light during this time of transition and ascension.


I've had three sessions, each more powerful than the previous. Many chronic health problems have gone away or have lessened. But more importantly, these are the best psychotherapy sessions I've ever had. Emotional issues are resolved easily and quickly. I'm integrating things that always seemed vaguely out of whack. Along with this, I'm having fun. I'm beginning to feel my power in the world. Thank you with all my heart, Jackie, and the lovely ET's. You have my undying gratitude.


Before I started with Jackie and the team, I felt like I was trying to find something, but I could not pin point what I was looking for, other then calmness in my life. I have worked with lots of different people and they were good but when I found Jackie, I was sure somehow that this would change me. My client told me about her and her work and I was sooo excited to try. My first session was very intense and boy did I feel it but I felt like something is changing and I have been doing sessions for awhile, and each time I have a session I feel stronger. I want to work on my inner self to change things somehow. I don't know yet but I know it will come.
I LOVE JACKIE AND THE TEAM so much. I love to listen to the tapes after a session. I look every day waiting for my tape, because when I hear my family and Jackie talking, I feel happy and lots of love. I love my star family and I want to tell everyone. Thank you Jackie and my star families and everyone in the outer and inner universe who are in the sessions, I love you and I cannot express the feeling that I have its so much more then love. I want to make a difference while I'm here so when I leave this world I will be at some peace in my self and that I made a difference somehow in this universe.
Again thank you!


Before the first session, I had a bad ear infection in both ears and could hardly hear. My ears also rang every night and I couldn't sleep. It was very difficult to work as well because I couldn't hear and the pain in my ears was getting worse. I had tried taking antibiotics but the infection persisted. I was playing 'Make a Movie' with my Grandson and he told me that Aliens come and take him to play with the kids. I researched it on the internet and came across ET Medical team and Jackie was the one closest to me so I called her and scheduled a session to heal my ears. During the session, she noted that part of the problem I was having with my ears was an implant put in by another group of aliens, and they removed it after being given permission. I felt better after the session and energized. Over the next few days, my ears got better and better. I had a second session about a month later and they totally fixed my ears and stopped the ringing. My ears have never been right for years and it is such a relief to have them healed. I also know that they boosted my immunity. I usually get sick over the holidays every year since I can remember. This is the first year that I have been well all thru the holidays. I also noticed that I had a fever blister coming out but it stopped before surfacing. That was strange because every winter, I break out with a bad fever sore on my lips and takes almost two weeks to heal. It is wonderful to feel like this and I am looking forward to my next session with Jackie and the ET Medical team. Bless her and the ET's for their work. I recommend anyone who can't resolve any health issues or want to improve yourself physically and spiritually, get at least a couple of sessions with her and you will see for yourself. Of course, and I plan to have more sessions as well.


Words cannot express how I feel right now. It is beyond one's comprehension. Meeting you has transformed my life. I have the joy and freedom of being able to walk again without assistance. My energy has also returned. I can bend down without feeling dizzy and falling over. I can now walk up the stairs.

After sitting on a chair, getting up to walk would always take about a minute before my motor skills start working and I could take my first step. That is no longer the case. I can get up and go.

This has all taken place since that magical day I met you and had a session with you. I feel on top of the world….now I can walk again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

E in Vancouver

Dearest Jackie…

I am writing this testimonial with tremendous gratitude. Without getting too specific or graphic, I will say that my particular problem occurred every day. For a period of over two years, I was unable to evacuate normally-not once, for ever two years!! After my first session with you and our very loving and benevolent ET friends, I was much better, and within approximately two or three days, I was completely normal. I have not had one day's problem since, and that has been over eight months ago. To me, that is amazing! I am sure if I had seen a conventional doctor, I would have had to have surgery of some sort with a lot of recuperation and expense.

I have also developed a very loving relationship with them. I consider some of them as my guardians and feel towards them as I do my masters, teachers, guides, angels, etc. I feel they have unconditional love for us and our best interests in mind. Someone very close to me sees and hears them and has assisted in many conversations between them and my family. From those communications, I feel their unconditional love. Like us, each one has their own personality and "feeling"' ; but I have always felt loving kindness from those of my masters and teachers coming from the same evolved and wise place. They understand us and don't appear to have any negative judgment of us. I enjoy my relationship with them and am very grateful to you, Jackie, for being the "bridge" between us.

Eternal love & blessings,

KS – California

I experienced, and am still experiencing a greater sense of self worth and appreciation, courage to promote myself and confront people when I feel they need to be called on their stuff. I am more at peace, happier, less anxious and generally speaking have a greater sense of well being and connectedness to life and my role in it! I feel much stronger and positive! Thanks, Jackie (and all those guys you sent to me!)

Love ya! A

Words cannot express the appreciation I have for Jackie, her team, and their work. I went into my session practically by force from my boyfriend who had his own previous sessions with Jackie. Though his sessions were a success, I had no desire to have a session of my own, and eventually did so only to get him to leave me alone. Several thoughts ran through my mind as to why not to have a session, ranging from it being just plain ridiculous to having lots of 'more important' ways to spend the money that a session would cost. My boyfriend insisted I give it a chance despite my arguments that, 'its right for some people, just not me' plus, I added 'I already know this stuff''… I cringe as I am typing this because those were indeed the words that came out of my mouth. To say the least I could not have been more wrong. Jackie's approach to me was drastically different than that used in my boyfriend's session. She knew exactly how to 'deal with me', the right technique, speech, ideas, actions, etc. She also knew exactly what I was experiencing without me telling her a single thing. I went into the session full of skepticism and fear, and came out with a newfound peace… truly transformed. The session I had with Jackie and her team provided me with exactly what I needed. And to think that I almost passed up such an amazingly profound experience! I urge anyone interested in Jackie's work and the gifts she so lovingly offers, to go for it! The benefits truly are undeniable.

In love and light,

Orange County, CA

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