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“We have come because we love you and want to help you accelerate your growth and change for yourself and for Planet Earth. We looked for the best way to be of help and service to each one of you and your Planet and decided that the least obtrusive way would be through physical and emotional healing as well as accelerated scientific discovery.

We want to create non-invasive and non-threatening ways to interact with you, to familiarize you with us and us with you. Our desire is to create a relationship, an ambassadorship with each and every one of you.

We don't want your power. We are here to help you accept and take more of your own power and to awaken from the dream that you have been experiencing as life on earth. Each of you is far more powerful than you realize. We can only assist you with your permission and intention. This is a co-creative process.



An Audio Channeling from God / Goddess from 10/10/10 Intensive.

There are more than 5 Million races from the multi-verse involved in this endeavor. This should tell you how important you all are to the Cosmos! If you were to ask about the planets, stars and dimensions from which we come, our answer would be, go as far as you can imagine and then go further. Much of this is currently beyond your understanding but we can tell you that the program is administered through Andromeda and includes many planets and stars that you are currently familiar with such as Sirius, Arcturus, The Pleiades, Andromeda Galaxy, Alpha Centauri, Procyon, Alcyone, Essassani and others located in the constellations of Andromeda, Canis Major, Canis Minor, Cassiopeia, Centaurus, Lyra, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor and many, many others known and unknown.

Why healing? The ultimate desire for Earth is to join one of the many federations or organizations who currently oversee planets evolving into higher frequencies of light, in other words to become an active and conscious participant in the Cosmos. In order for that to happen, the consciousness of your planet must be raised. What better way for us to assist each and every one of you than to help you heal physically, emotionally and begin to open to the greater part of you which will more rapidly facilitate the bringing of peace to your planet. Our goal for you is a 250 year life expectancy disease free.

There are many of you who sent out a call into the Multi-verse asking your Star Brothers and Sisters to come and make their presence known. Your call was heard. We are here. Your Star Families are waiting to reconnect with you and to stand shoulder to shoulder with you to co-create a new world of love, peace, joy, excitement, prosperity and unity. Many of you have asked the question…… "Why am I here and what is my service?" We say to each and every one of you "Your service is to embrace your own beauty and power and to heal as much of your lineage, nationality, religious beliefs, pain, sorrow, shame, suffering, damage, loneliness, stripping away of dignity, fear, anger, rage and hate as possible." Your service is to remember and reclaim who you really are and have always been and to begin living it every moment of every day. That is why we are here!!!!”

  • Honor your own personal journey regardless of what it looks like today. You are all unique and have your own frequency and vibration as well as paths and contributions on this planet.
  • Follow your excitement….it won’t lead you astray. Just remember to not blame and point fingers at those that you believe to be wrong or who stand in the way of your truth.
  • Focus on what you want to create in a positive way. For many of you this is disclosure and acceptance of the truth of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings.
  • Don’t waste your energy and misuse your vibration making others wrong. It will slow the process of disclosure.
  • Sightings are big “winks” to keep you awake and aware that there is something more.
  • There will not be a mass landing. We are not here to “save” you but to assist you in a co-creative way.
  • YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM! You ARE the creator of your reality regardless of what you choose to believe and reality is subjective.
  • Choose wisely! You can experience a totally different reality than all of those in your experience and in the world. It’s your choice and when you feel truly empowered you will know this without a doubt.
  • Treat everyone and everything with DIGNITY and LOVE…. including all kingdoms and realms on and off the planet. It will come back to you in more ways than you can imagine.
  • Love yourselves…. and treat yourselves with the same DIGNITY and LOVE that you do with everyone else and everything else in the Universe…..including God/Goddess/All That Is, The Infinite, Source or whatever name that you may use to describe the Ineffable.
  • Use your Will. Examine your life and see where you have been unloving to yourself and vow to change it today.
  • Stop Judging. Give up your anger, hatred, spite and judgments. These hold you back in more ways than you can imagine. They will continue to be reflected back to you in your lives and your world.
  • You are the creators of your lives. TRUST that if you set intentions daily they will manifest in your lives in serendipitous ways. Because you are the creators of your lives….you are the ones that need to direct your lives.
  • Your body is your “ship”. Take care of your bodies and what you put into them.
  • Meditate…….it is one of the most significant things that you can do to create contact at this time. Set your intentions for the meditation to connect with Beings with whom you have relationships (because you all do) so that you can open a line of communication. It may take a little time but it will happen. They are waiting.
  • You exist on many levels, planes and dimensions. You have all had lifetimes on other planets, levels and dimensions and you may encounter other versions of yourself because there is no time.
  • There are ships all over the skies….you just can’t see them yet! The ones that you do see have made themselves visible intentionally just for you or others that witness them.
  • Don’t give your power to us!!!!!!! We are here to help you to become the empowered Beings that you really are. When you understand and embrace that we can interact more fully with you.
  • We need you….that may surprise you but it is the truth. What you are doing on planet Earth is very important to the entire Universe and all eyes are on you. You are all honored and appreciated for what you are doing. If we love all of you then it would make sense that you love one another. When you do….there will be no need to war against one another and the number of tragedies occurring on your planet will slow down or stop altogether because they won’t be necessary to bring you together.”


" This is your music and Jackie is the conductor of the orchestra and one of the soloists, and each one of us is another soloist. Let us play your music!"




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