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Welcome to ETHealing®

You are here at a critical turning point for life on this Planet and Humanity. We are witnessing the “splitting of Earth” and it is pitting of humans against one another based on lies of those who’s agenda for humans is one of control, enslavement and in many cases death. It is time for you to make a choice between a new earth filled with life and love or one filled with control and fear. But somehow you feel weakened physically and spiritually. There is a reason for that….

COVID19 and the required “vaccination” is evidence of a controlling agenda to create fear and dominate the Human Race. It is an Assault on Your Sovereignty as a Human Being. It was designed to harm you physically (currently or in the future), remove your connection to God by lowering your frequency and your spiritual connection.

Your Purpose Taken  

You know that you are here to make a difference, but sadly since arrival of the “vaccine” with its nefarious contents you are feeling less connected to God, your spirituality, your higher self and loved ones. The contents of the “vaccine” (spiked protein, foreign mRNA, nanoparticles, Graphene Oxide, Glycoproteins, Hydrogel, nanobots and parasites) are purposely designed to damage or alter, your Brain, Pineal Gland, organs, Blood and reproductive systems.

These adverse effects far outweigh any claimed immunity. Vaccine damage or death can occur within a few minutes of “vaccination” or be delayed 1-3 years due to long term, from yet unseen damage due to tissue, organ, and system injury.  Recent data from Johns Hopkins University Hospital shows that by far, the number of “Covid” deaths are due to “vaccinations” only. Evidence shows that these “vaccines” destroy the cytotoxic T-cell, T-helper-1, T-helper-2, needed for human immune response, weakening long term antibody response, and making immune systems more susceptible to severe infection, pre-existing conditions, and cancer over time.  Estimates for deaths from the jab since launch in the US are greater than 400,000 and severe side effects from the jab well over 1.5 million.

All this suffering for a shot that provides no immunity, less than 40% reduction of mild symptoms, never studied to reduce mortality and requires a booster every 3-4 months. Dark Forces, not seen before on this planet, seek to push out the light from Earth, Humanity, you, and those you love.  This is a depopulation agenda/Genocide.

Recent Calling

In March of 2020 my husband and I found ourselves driven to understand the announced Covid crisis.  Nothing about it felt right which led us to begin our research to investigate every available source for more accurate information.

We saw people at odds with one another including families separated by their individual beliefs around Covid 19 some believing everything they saw on television while none of it resonated as true to us.

We knew there was something nefarious about the mainstream information being spewed to the public.  Dr. David Martin brought to light the patent history around Covid 19, Fauci and Moderna.  It was jarring.  Patents went back to 1999. Moderna filed their vaccine patent 4 years before Covid was announced.  Dr. Fauci’s patents for the virus, spike protein and PCR tests were filed years before the outbreak.  Additionally, Bill Gates and George Soros acquired a PCR testing company with a checkered past in July of 2021.  The PCR test was immediately approved by the WHO.

During extensive investigation of the vaccine contents, it became strikingly apparent that the vaccine was not designed to help but to hurt and eventually kill humans.  It was and is a depopulation program.

In July of 2021 I was approached by a group of highly evolved and incredibly loving Beings who told me everything I had done to this point was practice.  I was shocked and yet it all made sense.

It is for this reason I was led to what I must do now: Healing of dangerous side effects and damage to your body from the contents of the “Vaccine”: Removal of graphene oxide, mRNA, spiked proteins, foreign Viral waste, Nanobots and Parasites. To effect reactivation of your immune systems, viral shedding protection to and from others, as well as dangerous life-changing mRNA insertions including the production of luciferase for optogenetics…, restoration of your DNA to its healed state and body returned to full function.

To accomplish these healings I work with beautiful, kind, loving highly evolved beings who have come specifically at this time to help Humanity.  I have seen so many miracles in the past few months with all who have requested help from these Beings to heal “Vaccine Damage”. The choice, of course, is yours, as we will never take your power but seek only to restore your power and sovereignty.

With love and blessings to all,