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ET Healing: Exploration in Consciousness

Everyone who is reading this “Welcome Page” has been called by their Higher Self, Soul and Spirit. Whether you are new to metaphysics or well on your way as a Light Worker the call has gotten louder.

For those reading this page you have known for as little as 1 year or even 50 years that you are here to make a difference. Whether you reach 1 person at a time or 100’s you have a purpose. That is why the call has become so loud. Your world is waiting for you.

Your contribution and your efforts are all important to the Collective Consciousness of humanity and planet Earth. This, dear ones, is the time to step forward and to take a step or a leap into “The Great Unknown.”

There has been a great acceleration of both Dark and Light on the planet. You are at a critical juncture now. Let your contribution tip the scales on the side of the Light. We are here to help you clear all that has held you back and open to the true Being of Light that you are.


We are part of “All That Is.”  What does that mean? A part of everything, everywhere, through all time and no time. Yes, this would include God and Goddess, every Ascended Master you are aware of on your planet and some of which you are not aware. Included are the Angelic and many other Realms of love and wisdom, as well as Ambassadors, Councils, Commissions and Federations from other planets and dimensions in your galaxy and the Universe. You may call these extraterrestrials and/or multi-dimensional Beings and Masters.

There are more and more Being’s coming in to assist now.  Earth and humanity are at a critical juncture.  You are creating a new world.  Those who successfully raise their frequencies will be part of the new world and those who do not will remain in a world fraught with challenges.

We are all here to assist and support you in creating the new world.  You are not alone.  You are loved beyond what you can presently imagine.

As you raise your frequencies, your understanding of what love is will expand dramatically.  We are speaking of unconditional love for yourself and others.

We look forward to working with you to assist in your desire to be part of this change and the miracle it will create.


There are so many of you that know in your hearts you came to make a difference and assist on earth.  Human conditioning, emotional damage and imprints, and physical circumstances have felt like a huge barrier to achieving the call of your Soul.

There are many obstacles to stepping out into your new life.  These obstacles are both emotional and many times they are financial as well.

We are here to assist you in healing and overcoming these obstacles and imprints that may be holding you back from making the very difference you desire to make.

Working with “The Team”™ can open the doors to heal those blockages.  It is our desire to assist all of you to find your highest work and greatest impact.  You are all unique individuals with gifts that will reach beyond what you thought possible.


Where do I begin?  What an amazing and fun story!  My first Team was very visible to me.  When doing sessions in person in my home, the Healing Room was filled with their equipment and computers.  There were tables that appeared to be suspended in mid-air, the clinic was in a different dimension.

There were many different races that showed up but all of them were curious, loving and many that were fun and humorous too.  There were also observers that came to watch what was occurring.

This was the development stage and we stuck to physical healings.  After 2 months, though it was exciting, I knew we had to go further.  I realized that the physical healings are temporary if the consciousness of someone is not raised as well.  So began our explorations in consciousness which heal physically and emotionally.

I began channeling spontaneously years earlier.  It was quite shocking to me when suddenly I would be speaking to someone or doing a group meditation and in the next moment, I was channeling different Beings.

I never seeked to be a channel or a healer.  It all came to me when it was time.

When I started channeling the sessions, I was perplexed that they would not give me their name.  I spent the better part of a year trying to guess who they were.  It was comical and I believed there had to be a reason.

Finally, they told me to call them “The Team”™ and explained that because they were a collective of many different races, spiritual and cosmic levels it was the best way to describe them.

The information and work were so beautiful and loving, it seemed unimportant by the time they finally decided what they should be called.  I must say that there were many times I felt Buddha, Jeshua, God and The Goddess and I do still. Since that time, I have been moved to different levels of consciousness and/or races to work with and the explorations have changed as well.  The Spiritual and non-physical levels are extraordinary.

“The Team”™ and I have done more than 18.000 sessions all over the world from April 2004 through April 2020. It continues  as an evolving body of work. The sessions are now done via telephone and in seminars. The Beings are in higher dimensions and frequencies which allow them to translate into any location to perform necessary physical, emotional, and spiritual assistance. Many people experience visitation prior to and after their scheduled sessions.

They are referred to as “The Team”™ which is a general description for “All That Is,” extra-terrestrial and multi-dimensional races, the Spiritual and Cosmic Hierarchy, angelic and fairy realms, and yes, God, Goddess and All That Is.   Their desire is to help us move to a much higher level of consciousness.

“The Team”™ is here to help you become empowered to bring forward your unique skill sets and gifts so that you can help imprint the earth’s “collective consciousness” and assist with the ascension into full consciousness in your own special and dynamic way.

The number of races and forms of consciousness that interact with me specifically and all of us in general are far beyond our understanding. We attempt to understand through a limited 3D to 5D construct of the human mind that which is multidimensional in nature. However, we are on our way to understanding the many races, levels of dimensions, forms of consciousness, planet’s, and universes.

We will be witnessing the culmination of all lifetimes on the planet during this significant time as humanity awakens to the truth of who they are and their relationship to the entire Multi-verse and all races and forms of consciousness. We will have full interaction in our lifetimes.

After 16 years of this work, thousands of sessions and many, many seminars, all forms and types of ‘phenomena’ have become part of an everyday world.

I feel so blessed to do this work.  For 16 years I have been driven to go further and wait for the next level which always comes.

The “Subconscious/Unconscious”™ work is the crowning glory. We beta tested it for over 2 years and the results and changes in people are amazing. Raising levels of consciousness with the goal of full consciousness is the most exciting thing I have ever participated in.

Of course, this arrived in time to address all the fear and uncertainty on the planet.  How else do you quell the fear of the unknown than to raise your consciousness to a level only touched by Masters.

With love and blessings to all who read this and my sincere gratitude to my wonderful clients who have gone through all the stages of the work over these many years.  You are all amazing and dedicated.

To those that are reading this for the first time, welcome to an adventure filled with amazing changes, and so much love.  There is no limit to how far you can go.  You are all Mapmakers!

Welcome to unlimited possibilities and miracles!

Jackie & “The Team”™


I wanted to share with you my experience after our last session…I took a bath as you suggested and the water was very hot. When I got out of the bath I felt dizzy. I laid down on the floor to gain my composure and felt as if I was really whole & in a meditative place right away.
While I was on the airplane I asked my Higher Self what the dizziness was about and the answer I received was that I had received back all my power and the dizziness was about now having a higher frequency.

When I magically crossed paths with Jackie and the Team, my life expanded in many ways.  Feeling connected to higher dimensions of Love and Wisdom has brought richness and deep peace to my life.  Working with the Team on the deeper dimensions, the subconscious/unconscious, gives me an ongoing experience of hope and release, as old issues I have worked on for years finally begin to resolve at their core.  As a psychotherapist, this work has also given me new ways to approach helping my clients.  As an artist, my trust in Creative Flow has been supported and deepened. I am very grateful for Jackie, the Team, and their work.

Have been working with Jackie and The Team for over 15 years. It has been completely life-changing! Since we started doing subconscious and unconscious belief work, my life has never had more balance, love, and Divine Right Action. I would highly recommend working with the team so they can support you with living the life you prefer to live!

The subconscious/unconscious work is deep and effective. My favorite part is that every week there is so much progress without the feeling of having done heavy work. My life is more peaceful — less drama, which allows for more purpose and clarity.

I discovered Jackie and The Team over a year ago. What I thought I wanted to work on was not where the work took me. I thought I was looking at mundane things – money, work, relationships – and instead found the More I’d been working on for millennia. As a result, I uncovered more of who I am and who I am destined to be. It was like waking up from a long sleep. I know this might not be what you want. The truth is, they might not be for everyone, but they just might be for you.

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