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Viral Shedding by the “Vaccinated”

All COVID19 ‘Vaccines”



Viral shedding refers to the expulsion and release of virus progeny following successful reproduction during a host-cell infection. Once replication has been completed and the host cell is exhausted of all resources in making viral progeny, the viruses may begin to leave the cell by several methods. Wikipedia

COVID19 viral shedding

Unintended Effects of Codons & effect on DNA.

According to a recently published study, both Pfizer and Moderna selected suboptimal stop codons were employed for these manufactures’ mRNA protein synthesis. Codon stops signal the Ribosome to stop replicating, sub optimal stops allow unchecked protein production. These “COVID” shots (with suboptimal stops) induce spike protein at levels unheard of in nature, and the spike protein is the toxic part of the virus. As demonstrated in previous (other mRNA replication) “codon optimization, virtually guarantees” unexpected results.

Viral shedding from a “vaccinated” individual take place for an extended period. This is a function of both the large amounts of spiked protein contained (50 billion) in the injections and ribosome programing in the injections using an mRNA template is sub-optimal. In plain language

the lack of a “stop replicating” codon signal allows an indefinite over production of spiked proteins.

Hyper Shedding

It is now known that those people who have been “vaccinated” are actively spreading COVID19 illness via: Air; Skin Contact; and Body Fluids (sweat, sputum, secretions). The Viral Shedding common in with other viral infections is more prevalent with this “COVID” injection. The difference being that the COVID” vaccinated population, asymptomatic or not, are even greater Viral Shedders than are an of the un-Vaccinated population.

There are two pathways for shedding from one individual to another from the COVID19 “Vaccine”. Spiked and other mRNA generated proteins from the vaccinated person’s body tissue can cause the same disease ailments in the uninfected person’s body as a recipient via Shedding. Second, due to the blood/brain barrier being compromised the brain produces, injection induced, different proteins which also shed person to person. Along with spiked protein shedding includes some of the associated Lipoproteins, Graphene Oxide, and other neuro active elements such as metal and crystals. The abundance of Spiked Protein in Vaccinated individuals grossly increases Viral Protein Shedding to uninfected and unvaccinated. Viral Shedding from vaccinated is misinterpreted as a Virus Variant (e.g., Delta). Neither the Covid19 virus nor Delta Variant have been isolated and identified by gene sequencing.

Vaccination release and Correlation with variant emergence

Research is revealing that the “Delta variant” emergence is actually the vaccinated who are shedding their

excessive spiked proteins from the shot and unlimited mRNA cellular reproduction. A review of COVID data shows a nearly perfect correlation (Delta variant cases) occur in sync with “vaccine” roll out numbers. This data along with the fact that the “COVID19” virus has never been isolated supports many investigators conclusion that the disease is caused by the “injection”. Pfizer booster application to FDA data showed that the “vaccinated” are 3 times more likely to be hospitalized than an unvaccinated person.

This correlation of number of “vaccine” injections with identical increase in cases has many researchers and experts to conclude that the “Vaccine” jab is more deadly than the “disease” which only has a death rate of .015% or less than two for every 10,000 People. Worldwide data, by country, shows more “COVID19” cases occurring in the “vaccinated” population vs. the unvaccinated by a factor of 2X. Israel, with the highest % “vaccinated” at 65% is showing a dramatic surge (August 2021) with 7,500 confirmed cases per day, over 60% of which were fully vaccinated. The “vaccine is the Delta variant” is the conclusion driving the ongoing occurrence (rolling) of infections.

Footnote: CDC reported VAERS data

Nearly 15,000 Deaths, More than 700,000 Injuries Reported to VAERS Since December 2020 Rollout of COVID Vaccines in U.S. VAERS data released Sept. 17 by the CDC showed a total of 701,561 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 14,925 deaths and 91,523 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Sept. 10, 2021.

VAERS reports represent less than 1%-10% of actual adverse reaction cases. This number is known across several disease therapies adverse events since this system has been in place.

So…10X the above numbers at least: 150,000+ Deaths and 7 million acute and long-term injuries…attributed to just the “vaccine” injections, illness is not from a transmitted virus.


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