After over 18,000 sessions it became clear that we had to go further to achieve the levels of consciousness I believed were available to us.

We had to find the keys to unlock and reprogram the sub-conscious and heal the blockages that were sitting in the Subconscious/Unconscious mind. This includes painful experiences and imprints from every lifetime through all dimensions and levels of existence.

One component of this are the emotional imprints passed through your lineage into your current lifetime. These emotional imprints include major events on your planet: Including wars; the great depression; creation of the hydrogen and atomic bombs and their threat to all of humanity; the “cold war” with Russia, the fear and threat that it created; the Holocaust, and other events taking a toll in human life all over the world. This gives you an insight into the type of events which include dictatorships and forms of government rule that kept people in fear and at loss control over their lives including the right to practice their personal beliefs.

The unconscious also includes personal traumas experienced in other lifetimes both on and off planet. There are other components to it as well….many. Among them the collective consciousness and the Archetypes. There are also suppressed urges and thoughts that create shame. The unconscious holds many secrets and the sub-conscious cannot access the emotions held in the unconscious.

The permission to lift or heal these beliefs and emotions is Divine.

It was and is beyond what races of any level could grant. We, The Team and your Higher Selves and Guides, would be allowed to explore with total integrity, the possibility of humans ascending to a level of full consciousness. Permission was granted for the work but that was just the beginning.

Beta testing

After over 2 years of “beta testing” and tweaking we are seeing results that are beautiful and stunning at the same time. These experiences are co-creative and reveal blockages that run through multiple lifetimes, imprinted lifetimes, and emotional imprints from lineage and in some cases parallel lifetimes that are having a negative impact on your current lifetime.

Sessions are 1 hour but continue for as long as you can stay in a trance/meditative state after the session with The Team, your Higher Self and Guides continuing the work.

The Team will work with you for a specific number of nights after the session. They will determine that number during the session but always with your permission. The reason for the extra nights is to go deep into the Subconscious/Unconscious to unravel the reasons “you”, your Higher Self, Soul and Guides set up your lifetime to include the very traumas that you are attempting to heal.

Higher levels of love

This is not a punishment but your desire to use these/this trauma to take you to higher levels of love, forgiveness and hope rather than feeling victimized by the experiences.

Some people are consciously aware of this and some are not yet there. Over time, as you heal and open you will have a greater awareness of all that is happening.

From my perspective it is beautiful to watch each person’s awareness expand and open to the beautiful matrix of healing taking place.

Written Intentions are required for every person that has a session. It is your permission for The Team to work with you.

With the Subconscious/Unconscious Sessions, it is required that, in addition to your written intentions, you prepare a Matrix. Requirements for “The Matrix” will be explained at the time that you call and make an appointment for your session. This information is not disclosed prior to the session in order to keep your conscious mind and negative ego from interfering in the process.

A journey to full consciousness

One session is not going to elevate you to full consciousness. You are clearing lifetimes beyond your knowing and remembering. You are all far older Souls than you realize. This is a Journey and full Consciousness is the destination!

You will, however, notice changes happening quickly as the feedback from other participants tell us that they experience changes in all aspects of their lives.

These sessions are not only healing your consciousness but are happening at the Archetypal level. Each healing trickles down through the Archetypes into the Collective Consciousness. This means that as you heal you are helping to heal all of humanity and in turn raising the frequency of all of humanity.

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