Hello Jackie

Thank you for the recording. I will look forward to listening to it again.  It was lovely to speak with you last night and thank you for all you do.

Quite incredible work.

Now that the emergency clearing of the vaccine has been accomplished, I will now reconsider what I want to work on next.

For now


Oh, my goodness…. This is a colossal body of work. Mind blowing. How lucky we are to be in your orbit:). Thanks to you people can actually receive the healing from what all doctors believe is irreversible. Brent is beyond words amazing. !!!!!! My heart is so full of gratitude. And only 4-5 sessions…??? Just wow.

Love you so much… I owe you, my life. No exaggeration.



Dear Jackie, Brent and Team,

It is with deep gratitude that I write this testimonial.  I have been working with Jackie and the Team since about 2008.

I took the Covid shots beginning in Jan. 2021, only to regret doing so a couple of months later.  My husband and I are in our 70’s and in good health.  We missed seeing our children and grand children, therefore the Covid shot seemed logical.  After all we’d been given vaccines since we were young.   I realized how conditioned our society has become to accept and trust those we have given the authority to care about our health and wellbeing.

The amount of time researching, fact checking and compiling information by Jackie and Brent on Covid and  the shots truly shows divine guidance at work.  All the hype and so called “misinformation” that is being pushed by mainstream media and discrediting the true experts in their respective fields is quite unbelievable.

On a personal level:

Jackie and her teams have cleared the harmful effects of the “vaccine”, restored the immune system and DNA  for me, my husband, my daughter and her unborn child and my son.  Their work is amazing and goes beyond any process that is available on the Earth plane.  My daughter got pregnant as a result of failed birth control after getting the first shot.  The baby was in the 15 percentile for size when the team started working on mother and baby.  The placenta was full of spike protein and the baby had no room to grow.  The baby though still in the womb is now in the 70th percentile for size.  It is truly amazing what Jackie’s teams  can do in removing harmful graphine oxide and repairing DNA that is damaged from the mRNA experiments of the “vaccine”.

As research has shown….the “vaccine” turns off the immune system.  This makes anyone getting the vax more vulnerable to any pathogen that comes along.  Jackie’s amazing team as part of their healing process turns the complete immune system back on!

I fully endorse all the great work that is being done by Jackie, Brent and their wonderful loving teams.

With loving gratitude,


ow- I’m still experiencing our session yesterday. Thank you so much for doing this work. I’m flabbergasted by the intensity and accuracy. I’m really looking forward to our next session, Blessings to you,

Request for Healing:

  1. I give permission to Jackie and the Alpha Centurions to heal anything that is harming my body and brain as a result of the Pfizer/Covid shot. I understand that you will be turning on my complete Immune system today.
  2. I give permission to Jackie and the Alpha Centurions to heal as much as possible of the malignant tumor in my bladder
  3.   I had a bladder cystoscopy on Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2021.  It showed a malignant tumor and the Dr. said that it had probably been there for a while.  I am scheduled for surgery next Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022 to remove the tumor and get lab analysis done on the tumor and adjacent tissue.

I will be sending a further request for assistance from the Alpha Centurions with time and and location information prior to my surgery next Tuesday.

After Tuesday

Subject: Got it out!!

Hi Jackie, Surgery went well. No reaction to medication used to put me under. Thanks so much for sending your messages. Gave me a bit more confidence for sure. I would like to schedule a follow on session with your magic miracle crew. Thursday or Friday this week or your earliest convenience after that. Again, Thanks!


My work with Jackie and The Team has been a journey back to self. The Subconscious/ Unconscious work has helped me access the parts of my emotional and psychological energetic bodies that are frozen and numb from trauma. These imprints, beliefs, and limitations are carried in my generational DNA. The expression of these old beliefs are the repeating patterns which can be seen when looking at my family tree. Identifying and clearing those emotional generations threads has allowed me to feel whole again. This not only heals me but my ancestors and going forward, my children and grandchildren. It is vital to address the hidden, broken parts of our lineage so we can heal and we don’t carry this to our future generations. Doing this work is taking a stand to heal ourselves and create a positive future.

Charlotte D

When I magically crossed paths with Jackie and The Team, my life expanded in many ways.  Feeling connected to higher dimensions of Love and Wisdom has brought richness and deep peace to my life.  Working with The Team on the deeper dimensions, the Subconscious/Unconscious, gives me an ongoing experience of hope and release, as old issues I have worked on for years finally begin to resolve at their core.  As a psychotherapist, this work has also given me new ways to approach helping my clients.  As an artist, my trust in Creative Flow has been supported and deepened. I am very grateful for Jackie, The Team, and their work.

Jean P

Have been working with Jackie and The Team for over 15 years. It has been completely life changing! Since we started doing Subconscious/ Unconscious belief work, my life has never had more balance, love, and Divine Right Action. I would highly recommend working with The Team so they can support you with living the life you prefer to live!


The Subconscious/Unconscious work is deep and effective. My favorite part is that every week there is so much progress without the feeling of having done heavy work. My life is more peaceful — less drama, which allows for more purpose and clarity.


I discovered Jackie and The Team over a year ago. What I thought I wanted to work on was not where the work took me. I thought I was looking at mundane things – money, work, relationships – and instead found the More I’d been working on for millennia. As a result, I uncovered more of who I am and who I am destined to be. It was like waking up from a long sleep. I know this might not be what you want. The truth is, they might not be for everyone, but they just might be for you.

It is an honor and a privilege to have this opportunity to share this moment with you. It is my heartfelt desire that as you read these words it will touch your life in some meaningful way. I realize that I have just begun this amazing journey and am experiencing more joy than I have ever felt. Like many of us, I looked in most every direction for teachings that would help me make some sense out of my life and bring me some understanding and feeling of peace.

When I lost one of my beautiful daughters, I thought that I would never recover. The pain of being separated from her felt like more than I could bare. Years later when I lost my loving husband, I felt again a wave of grief that at times I thought would take me down forever and sometimes I didn’t care if it did. Life it seemed had no happy endings just a series of lessons to learn. It appeared to me that the churches that I went to before I began my search for truth were correct. When I heard was that eternal peace, joy, and love can only be experienced in heaven after you set this body aside…

I wish to close this message with gratitude to Jackie for her unconditional love for me. Words cannot express how deeply I love her and appreciate all she has done for me. More and more each day I carry the feeling of “look how great my life is, look how great my life is.”

Namaste. JF

Re: Improvements: I’m feeling terrific!!! how about you???

I don’t know where to begin actually… At first, I wanted to heal all my physical complaints; aches, pains, diagnosis, etc…But as time went on, I realized that my troubles stemmed from a much deeper place; especially my emotions.

I hadn’t realized how low I had reached.

After just 2 sessions, I feel as though my life has taken a different turn…

it’s difficult to explain in words. Even my husband has felt a great release of pent up anger and frustrations from his past.

I rejoice in the realization that this is only the beginning. Imagine how great life will be if I continue to heal & grow.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

Most gratefully,


Dear Team and Jackie,

I would like to convey my gratitude for your work and my deepest love and respect for your willingness to do it. It is both thrilling and exciting at the same time. It is remarkable work and by extending yourself to work with an individual person such as me, you show that you wish to gift the earth with the message that all of creation matters.



Just a quick THANKS to you and the GROUP and some feedback. During my session I did feel touches on my arms and legs and when the Group was working in the head area I definitely felt fingers pressing on the temporal areas. But surprise, surprise my husband Shaun, who was in the room with me actually saw something. The day before Shaun had a wisdom tooth pulled at the Dentist, so he was still not feeling great. During the session he drifted off to sleep but before he did Shaun says he saw small “little fellas” at the end of our bed. He said they were just observing.


I started my day today I wanted to tell you and The Team that I have the most profound gratitude and the utmost respect for you. You have changed my life in ways I could never imagine.

I love you,


I feel so much better. I have never had this fast of a physical healing before. I can bend over, bend to the side, sit down, and get up without wanting to cry. I was in so much pain.

While The Team was working on me I could feel their touch and my whole left side of my back became pleasantly warm. After The Team was finished, I went to the restroom and released large clots of dark blood. My

Chinese acupuncturist told me a long time ago that dark clots was releasing old hurtful emotions. I still have some soreness, but the pain is gone. I am so grateful! Thank you and The Team very, very

A woman divinely sent with love and integrity to act as a bridge to those desiring more knowledge of the universe and self.


Before I started with Jackie and The Team, I felt like I was trying to find something, but I could not pin point what I was looking for, other then calmness in my life. I have worked with lots of different people and they were good but when I found Jackie, I was sure somehow that this would change me. My client told me about her, and her work and I was sooo excited to try. My first session was very intense and boy did I feel it but I felt like something is changing and I have been doing sessions for a while, and each time I have a session I feel stronger. I want to work on my inner self to change things somehow. I don’t know yet, but I know it will come.

I LOVE JACKIE AND THE TEAM so much. I love to listen to the tapes after a session. I look every day waiting for my tape, because when I hear my family and Jackie talking, I feel happy and lots of love. I love my star family and I want to tell everyone. Thank you Jackie and my star families and everyone in the outer and inner universe who are in the sessions, I love you and I cannot express the feeling that I have its so much more then love. I want to make a difference while I’m here so when I leave this world I will be at some peace in my-self and that I made a difference somehow in this universe.

Again thank you!


Words cannot express the appreciation I have for Jackie, her team, and their work. I went into my session practically by force from my boyfriend who had his own previous sessions with Jackie. Through his sessions were a success, I had no desire to have a session of my own, and eventually did so only to get him to leave me alone.

Several thoughts ran through my mind as to why not to have a session, ranging from it being just plain ridiculous to having lots of ‘more important’ ways to spend the money that a session would cost. My boyfriend insisted I give it a chance despite my arguments that, ‘its right for some people, just not me’ plus, I added ‘I already know this stuff”… I cringe as I am typing this because those were indeed the words that came out of my mouth. To say the least I could not have been more wrong. Jackie’s approach to me was drastically different than that used in my boyfriend’s session. She knew exactly how to ‘deal with me’, the right technique, speech, ideas, actions, etc. She also knew exactly what I was experiencing without me telling her a single thing.

I went into the session full of skepticism and fear, and came out with a newfound peace… truly transformed. The session I had with Jackie and her team provided me with exactly what I needed. And to think that I almost passed up such an amazingly profound experience! I urge anyone interested in Jackie’s work and the gifts she so lovingly offers, to go for it! The benefits truly are undeniable.

In love and light,


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