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Welcome to our blog. Our goal is to bring many together to share their experiences and questions regarding Explorations in Consciousness as well as healing questions and concerns for humanity and our relationship to other races in the cosmos.

We, together, are creating a new world. As you look out at the chaos that you are seeing play out right now; we know that you have many questions about not only you and your families welfare but also the welfare of your planet and all of humanity. We are here to answer your questions with the understanding that you are all creating this together. All comments are welcome. We ask that they are submitted with respect to The Team who are a group of many different races and dimensions.

We have done over 18,000 sessions to this date plus many seminars to assist people in their growth, their physical and emotional healing, their understanding of and raising of consciousness to levels beyond what humans thought was possible.

You are all the creators and artists of your lives. We are here to assist you in understanding how to actively create and wonderfully enjoy your creations.
Know that you are loved beyond anything you can imagine as a human. Let us share our love with you and help you to feel loved and known. To feel a sense of safety and understanding that each one of you yearn to feel.

Jackie and The Team

Please email your comments and questions to we will address as many as we can in our blog.

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