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I have had questions from people about “The Team™?” I decided this was a great time to explain who they are and why they have come to assist us.

In the beginning (2004) I had a full clinic in my home in a different dimension. It was like science fiction squared. Every day was exciting. I never knew what was going to happen and who was going to show up. There were many different races of observers as well. Sessions were done in my home and the clients came to the house for their sessions.

This was all about physical healings. After 2 months I told those that were coming through in channel “this isn’t going to work.” I could see that even though people were experiencing physical healings their consciousness was not changing. It was apparent they would only be able to hold the healings for a few years and then they would be back for help.

I told my group of healers “I could not continue to do this and only heal physical symptoms. If the consciousness of a client isn’t changed then the disease or another malady will manifest again.” I wanted to help heal the consciousness as well as the physical maladies.

This request set into motion a series of changes that were fast and extreme for me. That was when “The Team” showed up. They were an ever-changing group of Beings of the highest level who came to assist in the opening and healing of human consciousness and physical well-being.

I welcomed the change, but I did miss all the activities that I had been experiencing in the beginning. However, I was grateful that my request had been honored.

We have “Mash teams” that translate into a person’s home to do the physical and energetic work while “The Team” was channeling through me with astounding wisdom and guidance.

That was 16 years ago, and we have done over 18,000 sessions to date. I am honored to be a vessel for this work.

The reason they use the term “The Team” is to generally describe the many beings who participate. Each person that has a session is connected to different races and in many instances Beings from their Cosmic lineage participate in their individual sessions.

As humans grow and change, higher levels of Beings participate to accommodate these changes. The constant is the love and encouragement that comes through each session. There is nothing more wonderful than to feel “known” in a deeper way than many have ever felt before.

There are several lovely bonuses. “The Team” comes to do follow-up work with each person for several nights after the session. That number is usually 5 nights. Yes, it is safe and loving. The other bonus is a reversal of aging and rejuvenation which has been ongoing from the beginning of this work. This has been reported by so many clients I think it’s only fair to include it in the benefits column. As we heal emotional imprints and lineage, they begin to reflect in our countenance and our physiology. We are all far more

than we currently know or understand at this time. Many of you are experiencing parallel lives which are being shown to me now. It is fascinating to the client and to me. Imagine finding out that you are participating in the preparation and eventual contact with humans and earth as well as having the human experience that you remember? We are all fostering our collective transition to higher levels of consciousness and that of the earth as well.

In this lifetime we will experience “First Contact.” It is happening right now in little pockets all over the planet. There is far more to come and absolutely nothing to be afraid of. I can promise that to all of you.

You have no idea how loved and beautiful you all are!!

Some symptoms, feelings, and emotions you may be experiencing at this time are as follows:

  • Moments of extreme tiredness
  • Feeling out of touch with the world
  • Moments of depression and exhaustion
  • Sadness
  • Loneliness
  • A longing for something but not knowing what IT IS.
  • Feeling abandoned by God
  • Anger at the injustice of Covid
  • Questioning the existence of a Higher Power/God/Supreme Being
  • Fear for the future of self and humanity
  • Distrust of Government, Medical institutions, and Science without heart.

I will address these in my next blog. You have not been abandoned!!

Love and Blessings to everyone,

Jackie & The Team™ You are welcome to respond, comment or ask questions. Simply go to www.ethealing.com and make your comments in the blog section of the website. Thank you for your participation. Your questions or comments may spur others to ask questions as well.

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