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“If you are Vaxxed, you were sold a ‘Bill of Goods’ that will end your life in 3-5 years.” The Alpha Centaurians

  “You see, it’s not just the possible damage or death at the time of your Vaccination, but the ongoing effect in your body from the vaccine contents and alteration of your bodies systems.”   There is now information to substantiate this statement and it is growing daily.  Doctors and scientists who were silenced and […]


OFTEN REFERRED TO AS “THE ASCENTION FLU” Moments of extreme tiredness Feeling out of touch with the world Depression Exhaustion Sadness Loneliness Unusual Headaches Loss of safety A longing for something but not knowing what “IT” is Feeling abandoned by God Anger at the injustice of Covid 19 Questioning the existence of a Higher Power/God/Goddess/Supreme […]

A Co-creative outreach to humanity……..

I have had questions from people about “The Team™?” I decided this was a great time to explain who they are and why they have come to assist us. In the beginning (2004) I had a full clinic in my home in a different dimension. It was like science fiction squared. Every day was exciting. […]

ET Healing® & Explorations in Consciousness

Welcome to our blog. Our goal is to bring many together to share their experiences and questions regarding Explorations in Consciousness™ as well as healing questions and concerns for humanity and our relationship to other races in the cosmos. We, together, are creating a new world. As you look out at the chaos that you […]