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OFTEN REFERRED TO AS “THE ASCENTION FLU” Moments of extreme tiredness Feeling out of touch with the world Depression Exhaustion Sadness Loneliness Unusual Headaches Loss of safety A longing for something but not knowing what “IT” is Feeling abandoned by God Anger at the injustice of Covid 19 Questioning the existence of a Higher Power/God/Goddess/Supreme […]

A Co-creative outreach to humanity……..

I have had questions from people about “The Team™?” I decided this was a great time to explain who they are and why they have come to assist us. In the beginning (2004) I had a full clinic in my home in a different dimension. It was like science fiction squared. Every day was exciting. […]

ET Healing® & Explorations in Consciousness

Welcome to our blog. Our goal is to bring many together to share their experiences and questions regarding Explorations in Consciousness™ as well as healing questions and concerns for humanity and our relationship to other races in the cosmos. We, together, are creating a new world. As you look out at the chaos that you […]