“If you are Vaxxed, you were sold a ‘Bill of Goods’ that will end your life in 3-5 years.” The Alpha Centaurians


“You see, it’s not just the possible damage or death at the time of your
Vaccination, but the ongoing effect in your body from the vaccine contents and alteration of your bodies systems.”


There is now information to substantiate this statement and it is growing daily.  Doctors and scientists who were silenced and afraid to come forward are now doing so.  They can no longer operate under the threat of losing their license for speaking the truth.  It is everywhere.
You aren’t going to find it in mainstream media, however.  They received donations from Bill Gates to the tune of half a billion dollars late last year.  Why, to continue to support and report “the narrative.”
People are waking up all over the world.  Unfortunately, it cost many people their health and/or their lives.
I highly recommend “Nexusnewsfeed.com” as a wonderful source of daily articles that inform without censorship.


Just a few months ago the Alpha Centaurians came to me to remove the vaccine contents from people explaining that it would save many lives.  My husband and I had been doing endless research to determine what was in the vaccine and how it worked.  We had no idea that it would lead to this.  It was a total surprise. 
I was honored to be considered and agreed without thought.  If there was something I could do to assist humanity I was all in. 


It is important to state here that these Beings brought me back to life in 2004.  They had been around me for almost a year, but I was convinced that my life was over, and I would die.  And so, I did. 
As it turned out, I had much more ahead of me and more work to do on earth.  I was shocked that they returned at such a critical time on the planet for all of humanity.  But, of course, it made perfect sense.


They have guided my husband, Brent, and I through all the research and I learned that I probably wasn’t as smart as I thought I was because I’m never certain if I know things because I’m smart or just following direction.  It still makes me laugh.  Ultimately, it doesn’t matter.  It’s just the human ego that needs to know things like that.


The last 3 months have been incredibly exciting as people are returned to their original health after removal of the vaccine contents.  For some of you this could be a scary thought.  Why would you want to take the vaccine out?? 
You see, the immediate reactions to the vaccine are just the beginning.  Doctors and scientists are now coming forward with this information.  The long-term damage is devastating. 
It is estimated that in 3 to 5 years the long terms damage from the changes made in your bodies by the vaccine will kill you.  For some, it could be sooner.  What can the Alpha Centaurians do for you?
Here is an example of the amazing work the Alpha Centaurians are doing with an entire family and a baby that was just born a few minutes ago:


Dear Jackie, Brent and The Alpha Centaurians ,
It is with deep gratitude that I write this testimonial. 

           I took the Covid shots beginning in Jan. 2021, only to regret doing so a couple of months later.  My husband and I are in our 70’s and in good health.  We missed seeing our children and grandchildren, therefore the Covid shot seemed logical. After all. we have been given vaccines since we were young. I realized how conditioned our society has become to accept and trust those we have given the authority to care about our health and well being.
          The amount of time researching, fact checking and compiling information by Jackie and Brent on Covid and the shots truly shows divine guidance at work. All the hype and so called “misinformation” that is being pushed by mainstream media and discrediting the true experts in their respective fields is quite unbelievable.

On a personal level:
          Jackie and her teams have cleared the harmful effects of the “vaccine”, restored the immune system and DNA for me, my husband, my daughter and her unborn child and my son.  Their work is amazing and goes beyond any process that is available on the Earth plane.  My daughter got pregnant as a result of failed birth control after getting the first shot.  The baby was in the 15th percentile for size when the team started working on mother and baby.  The placenta was full of spike protein and the baby had no room to grow.  The baby though still in the womb is now in the 70th percentile for size.  It is truly amazing what Jackie’s teams can do in removing harmful graphene oxide and repairing DNA that is damaged from the mRNA experiments of the “vaccine”.

          As research has shown…. the “vaccine” turns off the immune system.  This makes anyone getting the vax more vulnerable to any pathogen that comes along.  Jackie’s amazing team as part of their healing process turns the complete immune system back on!
          I fully endorse all the great work that is being done by Jackie, Brent and the wonderful loving Alpha Centaurians.
With loving gratitude,


Another client who was one of the longest living lung cancer survivors on the planet who was speaking all over the world with his wife as his caretaker inspiring other lung cancer survivors.  He had the vaccine and a booster.  The adverse reaction was that it shut down his immune system allowing the cancer spread to all parts of his body and every organ immediately.  We removed the vaccine and booster. We continued to work with he and his wife.  She did her own work and beautiful magic on him.  He is back on his feet and the doctor told them he was living miracle.     He is.

These are just 2 of the many people we have worked on.  This is the most loving and beautiful work I’ve ever done. 


All of you came to earth, to be inspirations in this lifetime.  Please be clear.  The vaccine is not there to help you.  It’s there to hurt you.  It is part of a depopulation program dreamed up by Klaus Schaub, Bill Gates and others that are following the World Economic Forum’s plan for humanity.  Search it for yourself.  “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.”  Total world control and loss of Human Sovereignty.  

Protocol for the sessions for content removal are quite easy.  One session to remove the content.  It is very scientific and carried out by the Alpha Centaurians.  You are aware of everything that is happening.  It is painless.
The 2nd session is to rewrite your DNA to it’s original and intended state free of vaccine influence. 


We are all the ones that the world is waiting for.  We all have a purpose.  It is time to be the inspirations and truth tellers.  This is our world.  To accomplish this and to make a difference you need to have dominion over a healthy body and not someone’s experiment.


My husband Brent and I are not conspiracy theorists we are loving people who know that we all came to make a difference on this planet. It is heartbreaking to see what is happening to Humans and humanity.  Humanity has become polarized by a dark agenda that is being exposed for what it is daily.


With Love and Blessings for Everyone,


Due to the importance of this Blog; you can comment below, send me a message from the Contact tab above or call me directly:  Phone: 702.277.8424 (7am to 6pm, Monday thru Friday Pacific time zone)

Recent Research, Disclosures and Learning about the COVID “vaccines”.


I highly recommend “Nexusnewsfeed.com” as a wonderful source of daily articles that inform without censorship
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Update on Nuremberg 2.0 – a message of action and hope.
The most important video you will ever watch!!!!  Dr. Reiner Fuellmich reviews what this group of 250+ international lawyers and Doctors are taking the case for crimes against Humanity to The International Criminal Court.



Study finds Zelenko protocol could prevented nearly all hospital deaths from covid-19
 A multi-center, randomized, open-label study assessed the effectiveness of vitamin D and the Zelenko protocol (hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azithromycin).


“You are not Alone”: Worldwide Resistance against the mRNA “Vaccine” and Covid Fraud


37,927 deaths and 3,392,632 injuries following COVID shots in European Database Under reported 10X-100X
The young people continue to die
Court-Ordered Pfizer Documents They Tried To Have Sealed For 55 years Show 1223 Deaths, 158,000 Adverse Events in 90 Days Post EUA Release – The Most Shocking Document Release Of The Last 100 years- Most smoking guns are not really smoking guns, but this one is.
How COVID Shots Suppress Your Immune System-Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D.
To summarize the central point of Seneff’s latest paper, the COVID jab causes alpha interferon suppression, which weakens your immune system. Indeed, regulators in the European Union are now warning that repeat COVID shots can weaken overall immunity.



Renowned Virologist Warns of ‘Collapse of Our Health System’ Due to Complications from COVID Vaccines


Ten Things You Need to Know about the Experimental COVID mRNA Vaccines: (Makia Freeman-Science & Medicine Nov 20, 2021)


Belarusian President claims IMF & World Bank offered him a bribe… to impose COVID restrictions


European Data Base: Deaths and Injured:   Previously healthy and young people continue to die-post Vax.


Prime age mortality SPIKED by 50% across multiple states during the year of the “life-saving” covid-19 vaccine


If You Take the COVID Vax, You Can Never Achieve Full Immunity Again – Government Stats Unveil the Horrifying Truth


How Bad is My Batch?
**Displays number of deaths and disabilities associated with each batch/lot number = indication of relative toxicity of one batch/lot compared to another
**No one currently knows the reason why some batches/lots are associated with excessive deaths, disabilities and adverse reactions (up to 50 x). Until we do know, it is best to be cautious
**[“Batch-code” = “Lot Number” = the number they write on your vaccination card.]
This site may slow down due to high traffic. A backup site has been created – HowBadisMyBatch.com to reduce overload Thank you.


Great balls of fire:
How heating up testicles with nanoparticles might one day be a form of male birth control.


Now,  a laugh and a serious note: We only present, your sovereign right is to learn and decide for yourself. 


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