“what in the hell were we thinking??”

“what in the hell were we thinking??”



As many of you know, I channel “The Team” who are a collection of many races from all over the Multiverse who have come together to be of service to those who seek answers to the personal and collective evolution of themselves, our species and Earth. They offer wisdom and healing on different levels including physical, emotional, and psychological.

We all chose to be here at this time. Many of you are wondering why we would undertake such a daunting journey. In other words, “what in the hell were we thinking?”

The splitting of Earth

Dolores Cannon, during her career, spent thousands of hours working with off-planet Beings learning and sharing all she learned about humans, our extraterrestrial connections, and our future.  She included a session I had with her in 2005 in one of her “Convoluted Universe” books including the dialogue she had with The Team regarding the splitting of Earth.

Dolores believed it would happen on 12-12-2012.  She was right in that it was the beginning of that split.  However, as it turned out, these things don’t happen overnight.

We are now in the midst (not the middle) of that split.  Sadly, it is pitting humans against one another based on the lies of those who’s agenda for humans is one of control, enslavement and in many cases death.

This statement opens to far more questions than answers.  Who is telling the truth?  What is the truth?  Who do we trust? And when will we be safe again?

Choosing Your future and the future of Earth

We are making choices for our personal and global future right now.  We are choosing the version of Earth we intend to reside on.  Both exist in this “now moment.” 

What are the deciding factors?  Hate, judgement, fear, and anger will align you with the lower version of Earth that is in conflict.

Love, discernment, compassion, and wisdom will align you with a version of Earth that is emerging.  It already exists but you must align with it. The further apart the 2 versions of Earth are the greater the leap. 

This does not mean that you stick your head in the sand and just do as you’re told by people and figureheads whose agenda is hidden under the guise of caring and/or fear driven.

“How do I know who to trust??”  Please think deeply about this question.  Anyone who tries to separate you, cut you off and fill you with fear has a hidden agenda.

There are many people who are putting their very lives on the line to get the truth out to people.  Those who are lying to and misleading humanity for their own gain need to be exposed. 

Courageous Souls

People who are bringing real science and real scientific research out to share with people are being taken off all forms of social media.  I have seen it happen.  They don’t complain they just find another way to bring their global research and scientific research out on another platform.

The most courageous thing I’ve seen is the number of scientists, professionals, doctors, and truth tellers who are jeopardizing their entire careers, and in some cases their own lives, to tell the truth and try to save lives.

I have included a link to a website called https://1000 covidstories.com.  These are personal videos of people’s side effects from the vaccine.  They are heartbreaking to watch.  Eric Clapton posted his personal story on page 2 which includes him being shunned by family, friends, and the music industry for going public against the accepted Covid Vaccine story line of mild side effects.

Undisclosed Information-Last 30 days

The most important thing I can tell you here is that the vaccine contains an undisclosed ingredient.  It is Graphene Oxide which has never been approved for internal use in humans.  This is the key ingredient that is causing terrible side effects. It is between 90-99% of the vaccine ingredients.


Entry into cell


You will be coerced into taking additional boosters to the vaccine.  That means more Graphene Oxide which is intended to keep your levels up.  For what purpose you might ask?  Is it an interface to 5G networks ?  And/or worse, is it to keep you sick?



We send to all of you are blessings and love in the hope that you realize your fellow men and women are not against you but are dealing with their own fears and confusion around all that is happening.  Humans are being intentionally separated and have become suspicious of each other because of what they are being told. 

These intentionally perpetrated lies are separating humanity; emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally.

If you have questions about having a session with us, please contact me via email @ jackie@ethealing.com or you may phone me directly at 1(702) 277-8424


We are here to assist you in any way that we can.  Please share this newsletter with your friends and family. It is time to take back our power and know the truth.

The information in attached links comes from amazing experts who have risked everything to tell the truth.

With love and blessings,

Jackie & The Team™


See links below for more information from trusted experts:

(Click Hyperlink to open source)


Dr. David Martin & German Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich re: Covid 19 patents going back 20 years.  This is not a new plan!             



Global Criminal Lawsuit Re:  Covid 19



Ricardo Delgado Marten Lab results on Graphene Oxide tests

And accompanying symptoms caused by Covid 19 Vaccine shot match all symptoms of Covid 19.  Watch video at the bottom of the page.




Dr. Peter McCullough who is an amazing Being who is out there day and night informing and teaching.  His medical credentials are impeccable.   An extraordinary person doing so much good.



Karen Kingston’s patent research on the Pfizer Vaccine where she discovered the secret ingredient of Graphene Oxide and the subsequent confirmation that all the primary vaccines contain Graphene Oxide. This was the first public disclosure of the existence of Graphene Oxide in the vaccines.  It was never disclosed in the filed patents.  It was the “secret” ingredient.

It has been determined that the vaccines contain between 95 to 99.5 percent Graphene Oxide. 



Dr. Zelenko treated President Trump and 6,000 other covid cases in New York.  Here he speaks in Israel to a Rabbinical Court regarding the Vaccine and it’s dangers.



Dr. Valdimir Zelenko on the Stew Peters show as an expert on Covid 19.  He has treated over 6,000 patients.  August 2021


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  1. Liz Burton
    Liz Burton says:

    Thank you Jackie and the Team for your fantastic contribution to helping humanity at this very crucial time in history. Sending much love and gratitude!

    • Jackie Salvitti
      Jackie Salvitti says:

      Thank you Jackie. I have so much information. I just put the bare minimum up. We are in a critical time. The Team and I are doing sessions to remove the Graphene Oxide and the Spike Protein. I have to be very careful so I’m not taken down. They pulled so much off my Et Healing Facebook page. Blessings, Jackie

      • Christy Clarke
        Christy Clarke says:

        Good morning TEAM, Jackie, regarding the plan-demic thank you for the updates from the experts, they have all the evidence. Dolores Cannon always pops into my awareness. I resonate with the three waves of volunteers, “we are here”. We are moving into a new Earth. Much Love to you and the TEAM

  2. Christy Clarke
    Christy Clarke says:

    Good morning TEAM, Jackie, regarding the plan-demic thank you for the updates from the experts, they have all the evidence. Dolores Cannon always pops into my awareness. I resonate with the three waves of volunteers, “we are here”. We are moving into a new Earth. Much Love to you and the TEAM


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