• Moments of extreme tiredness
  • Feeling out of touch with the world
  • Depression
  • Exhaustion
  • Sadness
  • Loneliness
  • Unusual Headaches
  • Loss of safety
  • A longing for something but not knowing what “IT” is
  • Feeling abandoned by God
  • Anger at the injustice of Covid 19
  • Questioning the existence of a Higher Power/God/Goddess/Supreme Being
  • Fear for the future of self, humanity, and earth
  • Distrust of Government, Doctors/Medical Institutions, and science without heart

Staying hydrated, meditation and exercise are positive steps to assisting the process.  Eating good clean food and the best water you can comfortably afford are important.

I have tried to cover, in general, the main symptoms.  I am certain many of you have something to add to this list.

The current energies are quite heavy feeling as we go through these steps of the ascension process.  Will this be it??  No, we are and will continue to gradually go through an increase in frequency.  

The Covid 19 restrictions have not made it easier.  Everyone got stretched during this last year of restrictions and being inundated with fear around something that no one fully understood. 

It continues to appear that even the CDC and governments of the world continue to struggle with its spread and morphing.  This has created more fear and greater lack of safety for the masses.  A Pandemic does that. 

Fear is the most difficult emotion to heal and understand.  Fear is an automatic response to something we do not understand and can sneak up on us.

I have seen friends and families split and not communicate with each other over a difference in beliefs around Covid 19.  The pandemic has also created a split for many in their trust of government and faith in God. 

All of this has also enhanced the sense of separation and fear on top of the normal ascension symptoms.  And, foremost, it has challenged our own beliefs about being a reality creator.  Why would we create or allow to be created something that would change the entire world?

I have spoken to The Team about this many times and have been told I have to allow people to make their own decisions.  Not that I could change them, but we are all experiencing this in our own unique way.


Government disclosure about the existence of extraterrestrials has shown up right on the heels of Covid 19??  Could there be a connection?  It would appear there is.

When you have a population that has experienced something like this, we humans are more malleable.  In the case of Covid 19 I would say they are almost relieved that there is a possibility of relief that a Being of a Higher frequency with more knowledge and technological and medical ability will appear to be a “God-send.”

Is it a distraction?  Well, it has been going on for an exceptionally long time and now it is just about Government acknowledgement. 

This is a disclosure of an exceedingly small part of everything that is really going on with extraterrestrials and our Government.  However, for many, it is a welcome validation of what many have known or suspected for a long time. There is a perpetuation of fear and uncertainty from every government source, regardless of the subject.  This, of course, includes all dialogue about Extraterrestrials and unexplained aerial phenomena. 

The exciting news is there are many credentialed people working hard to bring credence to not only the existence of extraterrestrials but also acknowledging and studying all avenues of contact including psychic contact and channeling.

The doors have swung open in academia with professors, PhD’s, scientists and more.  There is a very comprehensive book written by Rey Hernandez who is one of 3 co-editors of the historic 820-page book titled “Beyond UFOs:  The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non-Human Intelligence” which was based on FREE’s (see below) 5-year comprehensive academic research study on UFO related contact experiencers. 

Rey is one of the four co-founders of The Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation (FREE), a 501c3 academic research institute.

I have heard from scientists who are not only aware of extraterrestrials but have expressed a serious interest in contacting them or having contact. 

We have entered a vastly different era of disclosure and contact.  “ARE WE GETTING THE WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT EXTRATERRESTRIALS AND CONTACT?”   No, unfortunately not.  The Government’s disclosure at this time is a set up for a “false flag” which will potentially unfold as a threat to our safety making UAP’s a danger to earth. 

There are some in our Government who would like nothing more than to level with us.  However, there are different agendas at play. 

It is up to each one of us to keep our frequencies high and hold the energy and vision for a unification of ideas and potentials.  You are all far more powerful than you currently realize.  Your visions, meditations and prayers are needed to hold the idea and concept of peaceful and unified contact.

See it, believe it, and hold the vision.  This is our contribution to healing our planet and humanity.  You have impact with every thought and word. 


                         With Love and Peace,                   

                         Jackie & The Team

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  1. Liz
    Liz says:

    I participated in the surveys Rey Hernandez and others did to compile data for the book. I wonder how many of Jackie’s clients participated?


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